Monday, March 18, 2013

Shower Power

The power of the shower
Lends itself to
Thoughts, warmth,
And answers.

Lessons plans
Were finalized.

Final decisions
Were made.

Sauna warmth
Was sensed.

The 18th slice
was created.

Don't underestimate
The power of the shower.


  1. Seriously. You're right. I have a colleague who sleeps in the shower...if that would be you, just think what would still be on your list for today.

  2. Someone had a post yesterday about getting great ideas while showering. You are right...never underestimate the power of the shower. I liked 'sauna warmth was sensed'....I could feel it right then. Very nice. Jackie

  3. I guess I can't multi-tasked because ideas do not come to me in the shower...all I can think about is the sensation of warmth. So happy you get shower power and it was really good power today!

  4. The power of the shower indeed...and I love the thought of sauna warmth.

  5. There is power in the shower. I think it's because your tasks are so automated that your mind can run free. Nice play with words and sounds today.

  6. I couldn't agree more! It is a place to relax and unwind in the warmth, but also to think and plan and reflect. We just installed giant shower heads (like tilt-able rain-shower-heads) and I could stay in there all day if our water heater could keep up :)

  7. Nice! I didn't think about using the shower as a place to wait for slices to come. Is it ok to hope they don't come right away so I can just stand there under the hot water?

  8. I love this - I work on lesson plans in the shower every day and now I'm working on slices too. Sometimes I get so busy that I stay too long!

  9. Such fun, Tam. Never will I! (I am a bath person really, & the thinking there is terrific too.)

  10. Tam, I was reading some posts this am & found this one in a local person I follow. I thought you'd like to see it:

  11. Yes, the shower is powerful. Love your poem and how you got your idea.