Monday, March 25, 2013

The One That Dad Chose

"Oh, try this dress on.  It's so sparkly."

"I like this yellow one."

Then there was a pink dress with bling that Dad picked out.

"Let's get this one and this one."

"I still like the yellow one."

The yellow dress

That's when Lilly said, "I don't know what to do or which one to pick."  I was so excited to be on my first dress shopping trip with my granddaughter, age 6, and my son.  I was officially invited.  I didn't know how excited I would be until I got there.  I overwhelmed myself and Lilly. 

We explained to Lilly that we had to pick a few dresses, so she could try them all on in order to pick the one that looked the best on her.  I guess these dresses were meant to be for Easter, but they looked more like evening gowns.  But Lilly and her dad were going to a Dad/Daughter Dance in April at school, so they did fit the bill for us.  Next we had to find some tights to go with her white heeled shoes which Lilly already picked out last week!  I think this was the first buying trip of many to come in the years ahead.

Size one with heels!

On the way to the dressing room, I could feel the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger with excitement and giddiness.  My son looked at me and said, "You've waited almost 40 years for a moment like this."  He was right.  I had 3 sons and also 3 grandsons so far--Lilly was the first girl for me.  All he could hear from the dressing room was laughter and silliness.  Then we would come out and model for Dad.  I was unaware of anyone else around us.

It was a close tie between the yellow one that Lilly chose and the pink one Dad chose.  As soon as she put on the pink one, she loved it more. I think it was more comfortable for her--no sweater needed for the bare shoulders!
The chosen one, sideways! (I couldn't get it turned)

The next day we painted nails on a snowy day.

Snowy spring weekends don't get any better than this! 


  1. Sounds like a super special time! And she ended up with such a cute outfit! And, I bet, some memories that will last a long, long time. Can't wait for grand babies. Hope I get some girls!

  2. I have an 11 year old grandson, and have played catch with him, taught him how to make a basket in basketball, & taken him on many trips, snorkeled in the ocean, etc. But now I have two granddaughters so I am looking forward to doing what you just did, Tam. What a very special time with Lilly. (Those are the kinds of dresses I'm seeing around in stores, too. )

  3. How fun for you Tam! You put that excitement into words to share. I like the pink one too.

  4. I feel too young for grandkids but this makes me smile. I was lucky, I guess, in having a daughter and a son--probably the best of both worlds. The best thing is that they are good friends and have each other in this world.

  5. Laughter and silliness from the dressing rooms - now that sounds like a fun time. Glad you captured this special moment and look forward to hearing about the dance in April.