Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Spring"(?) Headlines

Beautiful Sunny Saturday in Indy

Dad, Daughter, and Gram Shop for Dance Dress
(more later)

Spring Takes a Back Seat Again

Easter Egg Hunt Held Indoors

Laptop Woes Battle Blogger

Snow Swirls as Traffic Slows

Indy Records 4 Inches Sunday Night

Snow Will Make Morning Mess

No Hurry to Return North

Post Accomplished!


  1. Hooray! Two poems in a row from you. I love them. Glad you are enjoying your time and are in no rush to head north.

  2. I wondered if you were in you said you would be. We are here too...visiting friends and doubt we will make it back to Toledo tomorrow. Hope you are having a great time with your family. Jackie

  3. I like the news reporter feel to the poem.

  4. I love the rhythm in your poem, Tam. Very cool!

  5. One of our headlines today was 'egg hunt held indoors' too. But, the small kiddos didn't mind -- candy is candy, right? Sounds like you squeezed in a lot of fun in Indy today :). Maybe even tomorrow too?

  6. Great to hear you made it, & despite the weather, all is happy in Indy!

  7. I enjoyed the way you took "headlines" and turned them into a poem. The alliteration you've used makes the words just roll as I read the lines. The best thing? It seems to me you have at least 9 ideas for other posts tucked in here. You will easily make it to the 31st. :o)

  8. Glad you are able to be snowed in with those you love. I'm enjoying the day by writing, reading slices, and organizing. Your poem is delightful.