Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moving On

An acquaintance told me one day in March that defining sounded like soul-searching.  This comment caught me by surprise. But after 10 months, I now know that it is.

Looked up "soul-searching" in
contemplation, reflection, self-examination, meditation, self-analysis, heart-searching,
self-questioning, deep thought, self-absorption, introversion, and brooding.

Defining is:
deciding, illustrating, spelling out, identifying, laying it out, naming, calling a spade a spade, determining, detailing, explaining, interpreting, elucidating.

This year's word "define"  has enlightened me once again to consider what is important to me, what I need to change, what I need to accept, and when to be quiet now that I have spoken out.

I've gone through this before, I'm afraid,
but at a different stage in my life.

Defining is learning and re-learning
as is life.

Time to make a new list of words that speak to me.
Time to stop brooding.
Time to forge ahead.

Bring on the words!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Being True to Myself

I find myself alone when I "define." 
This is a place I have been many times in my life.
It's not good or bad.
It really makes me feel in touch with myself--being alone.

I'm not a hermit but I could be.
I need interaction and conversation,
But I do need my aloneness.
It rests/empowers me.

Maybe it's the "being true to oneself" voice.
I feel lucky to have that
But have strayed many times,
Resulting in agitation, regret, and redefining.

As I age, I find that I can connect to myself
More readily and survive the agitation.
Why does it take so long for some to get it?
I've always been a slow learner.

"Defining" is definitely the word for me this year. 
It's taxing, provoking, awakening, and journeying.
I'm searching for some answers
And settling into some kind of acceptance.

It's an up and down journey this year.
It must be taken alone,
And I'm good at that.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Late Bloomer

"Defining" is hard work.
Why did I choose this word?
It's only the end of April, and I'm tired.
I don't want to "define" anymore.

I don't want to think/analyze anymore.
I can't change anything.
I guess I'm not a changer.
Not a rebel, not brave.

I know better now about many things.
But what good is it?
I want to sleep through the nights.
I don't want to define, think, stand up.

I'm not getting anywhere, not empowered.
I'm tired of thinking.
I can't think fast enough to defend
My thoughts and actions anyway.

Everyone else seems to be on track.
Isn't that what Facebook tells you?
I think too much.
I need to quiet the outbursts.

Creeping back into myself.
I always was a late bloomer.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Aging Means:

Defining who/where you really are.

Savoring more as you go along.

Realizing no one is looking at your seasonal decorations.

Enjoying your seasonal decorations because you and only you like

Listening to he History Channel more than ever.

Grabbing hints from the Food Channel instead of looking for the
       actual recipes.

Copying bird calls in the yard.

Talking to the birds and plants.

Relishing the antics of grandchildren because you're really not in

Seeking out young people who still laugh out loud.

Sleeping in.

Avoiding to make early appointments.

Drinking the morning coffee until 10:30 and then some.

Laughing at yourself (a must).

Taking liberties you would have never done before.

Voicing your feelings (now being called a "brat").

Understanding like you have never before.

Staying up late.

Visiting the bathroom more at night.

Worrying more than ever because you have the time.

Eating and drinking before 8:00 p.m.

Appreciating the little things more and more.

Wanting to be swept away to new and last chance opportunities
          while still sleeping in your own bed at night.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Long over due.
I notice some celebrate March
As New Year's Day.
I do, too, thanks to Ruth.

How else could I realize
I haven't been writing
When I use to write
Every day this month.

I celebrate Spring.
I celebrate the New Year.
I celebrate Writing
Because I think about it all the time!

Always thinking about March
And my writing friend Ruth.
Happy Spring!
Happy celebration!


I think I had that backwards.

The two are related.
After I DEFINE I do SAVOR what I find to be true.

Maybe SAVOR lead me to DEFINE.
DEFINING though is scary work.

TRUTH comes from DEFINING.
What to SAVOR? What to walk away from?

Take yourself seriously, quit hiding.
Be ready for what is revealed.

Thanks to Tammy's mom Marcy, I still have heart!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015



GLASS (2011)
ROCK (2013)
SAVOR (2014)


DEFINE (2015)

The list began this month:  begin, refresh, regain, pursue, re-generate.  None of these said what was really on my mind.  I read more blog posts. 

I came across Linda Baie's blog labeled #Mymustreadin2014 and 2015.  One book she wants to read is called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  I bought it for my Kindle.  "Someone wrote a book about introverts--the real me?" I thought.  Who am I really, and what do I want to accomplish this year?

I came upon a poem from Jama Rattigan's blog, Jama's Alphabet Soup, (01/09/2015 Friday Feast).  The poem by Barbara Crooker is called "AFTER THE HOLIDAYS" from her new book Small Rain.  I bought that book, too.  She writes poetry appreciating the small things in life. 

Crooker's words expressed the mood I was in with the cold and snow ending the holidays.  The word "define" then jumped out at me.  She referred to the new year and once again looking at our bodies, defining/firming our muscles.  Only I didn't think of my body or muscles--that has always been a challenge my whole life, new year or not.

I have already spent the last year savoring and deciding what's important in my life.  Is "defining" over kill?  I have a tendency to think too much sometimes and miss the "moment."  I'm also known for being blunt.  That scares me.  I don't want to hurt/offend anyone.  I do want to make a difference but at the same time embellishing "This is the way it is."  Rambling again.

Oh, my, "define" seems so strong of a word.  Do I need a word like this to "name," "identify," "illustrate," "decide," or "spell out" what I really want this year.  Maybe I need a word more lighthearted, spirited, sunny, or merry.  But I didn't choose them.

I will standby the word DEFINE, however.  Maybe it will surprise me.