Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Watering the gardens,
Hoping the flowers will last as long as the frost keeps its bite.

Clipping the flowers,
Arranging them in a clear vase which will soon be empty.

Walking the path,
Reminiscing the warmth that enveloped sandaled feet.

Feeling the sun,
Remembering it in early morning and late at night.

Watching the campfire,
Burning bright as the moon.

Tasting the garden,
Relishing tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins.

Rustling the leaves,
Changing with color to yellow and red.

Boating the lake,
Feeling the coolness more than ever.

Entering the night,
Opening the window to sleep.

Awaiting the crisp air,
Leaving the cherished warmth behind.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Quiet

I watched and read different things all weekend and yesterday about 9/11/11, and each time, I was lead to a quiet place. I remembered the quiet skies that day with no air travel after the devastation, and as members of my family watched the same things as I did on TV, they were quiet, also. Nothing needed to be said out loud.
Yesterday being the first day people could actually visit the Ground Zero memorial pools, I heard on the news that the sound of the water itself drowned out any noise around you creating its own silence.
Being outdoors in the beautiful warm weather of yesterday and today, I started to notice the quiet things that surrounded me, each having its own definition of silence and peacefulness.
Quiet is:
rippling water.
a light breeze.
an American flag's wave.
a sunset's color.
a sun's beam.
a blue sky's cloudlessness.
a butterfly's flutter.
a petal's fall.
a moon's glow.
a swan's swim.
a tied boat's dance.
a fish's jump.
a turtle's walk.
a bird's flight.
a fish bite.
a willow's weep.
a cricket's song.
a pier's creak.
a fishing pole's whip.
a dragonfly's hover.
a bee's buzz.
a worm's wiggle.
a mouse's nibble.
a dove's coo.
a bare foot's sound.
a child's breath.
a cat's purr.
a dog's whimper.
a humming bird's hum.
a loved one's sigh.
a tear drop.
I love the quiet and all it brings.