Friday, March 20, 2015


Long over due.
I notice some celebrate March
As New Year's Day.
I do, too, thanks to Ruth.

How else could I realize
I haven't been writing
When I use to write
Every day this month.

I celebrate Spring.
I celebrate the New Year.
I celebrate Writing
Because I think about it all the time!

Always thinking about March
And my writing friend Ruth.
Happy Spring!
Happy celebration!


I think I had that backwards.

The two are related.
After I DEFINE I do SAVOR what I find to be true.

Maybe SAVOR lead me to DEFINE.
DEFINING though is scary work.

TRUTH comes from DEFINING.
What to SAVOR? What to walk away from?

Take yourself seriously, quit hiding.
Be ready for what is revealed.

Thanks to Tammy's mom Marcy, I still have heart!