Monday, May 9, 2016

The State of "Being"

     It's May already!
I'm not writing much.
Maybe just because I'm "being." (Not a good excuse!)
"Being" is okay for my OLW.

Rather than defining (although it will always be there because that's me!),
I'm trying to enjoy what is going on right now.
I've always thought about what is next, not savoring what is "now."

Life is hard.
Life is good.
Life is connecting.
Life is for the taking.

Too bad so many don't appreciate what life holds
In spite of all the formidable that surrounds us.

Formidable won't go away.

Be in the moment, and be thankful.

Be here.
Be there for others.
Be positive for everyone's sake.

I'm thankful for the positive people in my life
And the small things that touch my heart.

Be in the moment.