Monday, January 23, 2017

Number 7

The One Little Word pursuit began early this year.  I started in December rather than after the new year arrived.

This is my 7th year choosing OLW.

I considered courage, energy, warmth, health, acceptance. In order to enable any word to work for me, I must have strength. Strength in body, mind, and soul.

"Be" has been my favorite OLW so far.  I wanted to just "be."  It was a light and airy word.  I needed a big break from "define."  This word conjured up realities and unhappiness.  I said things I maybe shouldn't have said, but these words and thoughts were always there ready to come out.  So I became myself with "be." The harshness remained but softened.  Now what?

The word "acceptance" seemed like a word that expressed "surrender."  After all the work I had done with "define," I decided this was not acceptable!  I wasn't quitting.  I must continue on from what I have learned and experienced.  Acceptance is what got me in this bind. 

I'm getting older every day.  My mind is not as quick, nor is my body.  Not moving in mind and body is a slow death before the heart stops.

When I do my exercises, I remind myself of walking better to be with my grandkids, shopping when I want, and taking care of myself.

I feel stronger just thinking about my new word. 

Happy New Year!