Friday, April 4, 2014

You Know When It's a Good Word

When I become sad, complacent, bored,
I look to my One Little Word--

Saw snow, wished for green.
See a little green, wish for leaves.
"Slow down," my mind says.

Remember, we must "savor" this year of 2014.
2013 it was "rock."
2012 was "treasure."
2011 was "ice."

All of these ring of
Strength and

So what's to value now?
No more snow piles.
No more temps in the teens and below.

We're moving up
As "they" say.
Just like life--
Up and then down and
Down and then up.

Savor the minutes,
Savor the days,
Savor the years.

There is no cause
For blandness
And dullness.

Savor the moments.
Life is rich
If you just stop and savor
What is good

Even for just
A moment.