Saturday, August 27, 2016


It's easier than define.
It's positive and free.

Bravely be who you are.

Accept what you cannot change.
Change what you can.

Easier said than done.

Being can come with tears.
It's a reality, an acceptance.

It is what it is.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Never thought of black--
Not in a million years.

But there he was--
Glossy black, cuddly-like, smart.

The angry dog across the way growled,
"Pick me instead."

Black won us over and over.
Soon to be beloved.

"Shadow" became his name--
Chosen in childhood long ago.

Wagging tail, loving nature, and smiles 
As years go by.

Now blind, legs weak,
Soul still full of life.

Walking, boating,
Sleeping by the fire.

Love you, Shadow.
You're one of the best!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Going, Going..............

I know it's not
"Good-bye" to summer yet.
But I feel the pull--

Cicadas chirp throughout the yard.
Crickets fill the night.
Daylight lessens.

The porch sun sits differently.
Flowers go to seed.
Leaves start to fade.

Robins go north to visit.
Sunflowers reach their highest.
Grass grows paler.

I love you, Summer.
Stay with me longer this year and every year.
Love, love, love you, Summer.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The State of "Being"

     It's May already!
I'm not writing much.
Maybe just because I'm "being." (Not a good excuse!)
"Being" is okay for my OLW.

Rather than defining (although it will always be there because that's me!),
I'm trying to enjoy what is going on right now.
I've always thought about what is next, not savoring what is "now."

Life is hard.
Life is good.
Life is connecting.
Life is for the taking.

Too bad so many don't appreciate what life holds
In spite of all the formidable that surrounds us.

Formidable won't go away.

Be in the moment, and be thankful.

Be here.
Be there for others.
Be positive for everyone's sake.

I'm thankful for the positive people in my life
And the small things that touch my heart.

Be in the moment.


Friday, January 22, 2016


One Little Word is what I have today.
It's the shortest one yet.

Just BE.

Last year I tried too hard
To DEFINE every little thing.

This year I will just BE.

BE me.
BE true to myself.
BE in the moment.
BE present.
BE there.
BE aware.
BE quiet.
BE kind.
BE in tune.
BE alive.

Can't wait to embody 2016.