Monday, February 12, 2018

Sense of Goodness


Beat the brown and white sugar grit
with the smooth, soft butter--
"clickety, clack" go the beaters against the aluminum bowl.

Crack the eggshells,
adding each gloppy egg one at a time 
to the mix with a tiny splash of vanilla.

Add the white, powdery baking soda
softly to the bowl as the beaters,
"Whir, whir, whir."

Scoop the fluffy, dusty flour
cup by cup, leveling it with the
back of a shiny, silver butter knife.

"Hum, hum, hum" from the beater
as more and more of the quiet
white powder is added.

Time to stop the whirs and hums
and take to the nut grinder
to pulverize the pecans.

Sprinkle chocolate chips and
pecans over the soft bed of
of the biscuit-colored batter.

A tablespoon chugs through
the dough to combine
the collective ingredients.

Shh!--(licking of fingers)

Plop a teaspoonful of the mix 
onto the time worn tray and bang it
on the oven shelf at 375 degrees.

Door closes and timer set
while eyes begin to peer
through the shiny glass oven door.


Smell the warmth of baked sugar and dough,
leaving the feel of crispy cookie edges
and the taste of chocolate goodness.