Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Being True to Myself

I find myself alone when I "define." 
This is a place I have been many times in my life.
It's not good or bad.
It really makes me feel in touch with myself--being alone.

I'm not a hermit but I could be.
I need interaction and conversation,
But I do need my aloneness.
It rests/empowers me.

Maybe it's the "being true to oneself" voice.
I feel lucky to have that
But have strayed many times,
Resulting in agitation, regret, and redefining.

As I age, I find that I can connect to myself
More readily and survive the agitation.
Why does it take so long for some to get it?
I've always been a slow learner.

"Defining" is definitely the word for me this year. 
It's taxing, provoking, awakening, and journeying.
I'm searching for some answers
And settling into some kind of acceptance.

It's an up and down journey this year.
It must be taken alone,
And I'm good at that.