Thursday, April 9, 2015


Aging Means:

Defining who/where you really are.

Savoring more as you go along.

Realizing no one is looking at your seasonal decorations.

Enjoying your seasonal decorations because you and only you like

Listening to he History Channel more than ever.

Grabbing hints from the Food Channel instead of looking for the
       actual recipes.

Copying bird calls in the yard.

Talking to the birds and plants.

Relishing the antics of grandchildren because you're really not in

Seeking out young people who still laugh out loud.

Sleeping in.

Avoiding to make early appointments.

Drinking the morning coffee until 10:30 and then some.

Laughing at yourself (a must).

Taking liberties you would have never done before.

Voicing your feelings (now being called a "brat").

Understanding like you have never before.

Staying up late.

Visiting the bathroom more at night.

Worrying more than ever because you have the time.

Eating and drinking before 8:00 p.m.

Appreciating the little things more and more.

Wanting to be swept away to new and last chance opportunities
          while still sleeping in your own bed at night.

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