Wednesday, March 13, 2013

8 oz of Memories


Why do we buy the things we do?  This is the question that came to mind when no one else cared for this purchase I made.  The purchase?  

A measuring cup that holds over 1 cup of liquid, measured by ounces and milliliters.

When I saw it, I loved the old porcelain-looking finish.  A bit of nostalgia here.  In a sense it looked like old school.  That finish reminded me of old tile that were on some of my school walls and floors.  I liked school. 

The cup also had a sturdy handle for pouring.  Inside the cup, measuring increments started with 2 ounces all the way up to 8 ounces, plus room for an extra 2 ounces.  On the opposite of the inside were measurements in millimeters--something knew for me in relation to measurement.  It looks classic--older and better, too. 

On the outside, "8 oz" tells us what this cup is all about.  On the opposite side, is a picture of an old metal confectionary sugar shaker with a set of metal measuring spoons. 

I realized when I got it home, I still own that set of old measuring spoons just like my Auntie Mary had.  She also used this confectionary sugar shaker for final touches on cookies and breads.  I followed my Auntie Mary around as a child since my mom worked a lot.  She owned the apartment building our family lived in for over 20 years.  She was my 2nd mother who loved to cook and bake besides taking care of her building and raising my cousin Sharon on her own.  I learned to love her and my time in the kitchen with her. 

I use this cup not only for measuring, but for a spoon rest, for a cup to scramble eggs in before they go into the pan, for feeling a sense of comfort in my kitchen as I prepare meals for my husband and family on occasion.

I bought it for a number of reasons, I guess, but I also just like it. 



  1. Oh Tam--the way you describe this and why you bought it makes me love it too. This is a wonderfully comforting piece of writing somehow and I hope I can learn to do it as well as you do here.

  2. Clever it. When I retire we are going shopping together to look for such treasures. : ) Writing from objects...good inspiration!

  3. Who cares what others think. If you like it and you use it that's what matters. I think it looks cute.

  4. This purchase makes perfect sense to me. Function and nostalgia.

  5. I love the list of uses at the end, the way they are traditional and the way you throw in that, last, powerful use: "for feeling a sense of comfort." Beautiful.

  6. I love your lead...GREAT questions that provoke much thought and feed inquisitive minds! I also love your description!