Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Tonight was a well-deserved dinner out at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Today my husband and I worked hard at helping set up for the community library Mega Book Sale by lifting, carrying, pushing, alphabetizing, and sorting hundreds of books. 

We like this particular restaurant because it has the best buffet ever--not a roomful of food but a handsome assortment of Chinese on a small island table in the center.  There is a full menu, but most people go for the buffet.  It is all you can eat, but most people eat reasonably.  It's always fresh, hot, and delicious.  It's when you've had enough of the basics at home, enough spaghetti and pizza, enough tacos, and enough hamburgers and chicken.  It's a casual enough place you just get up and go from home with your whole family.  The owners are polite, quick, and friendly especially with children.

After our meal we are always given fortune cookies with our bill.  On the back of the "fortune" are lucky numbers, a Chinese phrase to learn, and, of course, your fortune.  Many sayings on these strips of paper are not fortunes anymore but interesting comments, funny comments, and today a quote with no credit given to an author.

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. 
Sometimes as teachers, parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers, we wonder if what we do or say really makes a difference.  Every now and then we'll be rewarded by someone acknowledging our endeavors.  Many times we never know the outcome of our influence. 
I just know I have to keep on planting, caring, nurturing with consistency and fairness, and not giving up.   It's a thankless job many times, but I am here to make a positive difference when so much around us is negative and dark.
Enjoy your Spring Break and come back refreshed and ready to plant again.  Spring is here.


  1. Wow Tam,
    I needed to read your slice tonight. Tomorrow is our last day before's been a rough few weeks in my classroom. Your fortune speaks volumes to me.
    Thank you for this slice!

  2. First, a library book sale? My favorite to visit. Second, dinner out and Chinese, yum. Third, love that message in the cookie.

  3. What a good reminder as the daily teaching can sometimes make you wonder how effective you are. Chinese sounds delicious!

  4. I'm on break now & having a lovely time, Tam. Are you? The library sale sounds wonderful, & the Chinese restaurant too. We have a lovely one close too. I love the quote, & so true. I'll try to keep it more in mind.