Friday, March 8, 2013


It's about time I choose my One Little Word for the year.  I haven't forgotten about it.  I just couldn't decide. 
I looked outside in my writer's robe with coffee cup in hand.  (Yes, that would be my lounging robe when I don't get dressed to go somewhere.  I have two--one white and one sky blue--so glad I bought two at the same time.  That way I don't have to run a wash just to lounge around for the day!  Retirement tactics.)
It's a beautiful, sunny yet cold day.  I look at the birds feeding and my eye catches the turned over bird bath next to the melting snow.  My collection of rocks cannot be seen yet.  They are there though, hiding from me since I have been ignoring them now for years.
My mind wanders again--always has but didn't realize it until I took to the classroom again in 1991.  You can't be teaching a concept and wander off.  But if you think about it, how long can a 7th grade teacher continue to teach without having to stop and wander off, so to speak, like quieting a student from talking or messing around, answering a phone, greeting a visitor that comes to the door, paying heed to tornado/fire drills, answering a student with a raised hand out of frustration, or tripping over an overhead cord with abundant giggles?  I think these events just enhanced my inability to concentrate.  If I were video-taped after school in my classroom, you would see this mouse scurrying from task to task to eventually get it all done for the next day--never finishing anything at one swipe--here and then there and back again, and then finished.
Back to my OLW again.
I thought about last year's word--"Treasure."  Little did I know that word would come at me with such wonderful moments/thoughts.  Our family took a first time, most treasured trip to St. Augustine, Florida.  It came unexpectedly and on a whim.  Before we knew, 10 of us were signed up.  It was a great trip and week with treasured family members, including the grandchildren--can't get better than that.  We experienced, so appropriately, pirates, a treasure museum, the ocean, great food, and treasured moments that are now recorded in digital photo albums.   I guess you could say, I lived that word.
Now this year's OLW
I have chosen "Rock."  Reason?  I have ignored my rock collection, but not forgetting about it.  Maybe this word with all kinds of meanings will lead me in the direction of doing something about my rocks--if there is anything to do with them.
"Rock" can be a noun, verb, adjective, and given to many idioms, also.  Where will "Rock" lead me this year?  When you just look at the word itself, it's an odd looking word, sounding short and harsh, too.  Mmmm.  Time will tell.


  1. I really love the word ROCK, just like I love my word FLOW. It can have so many different meanings. I can't wait for my two different sweatshirts...and two different comfy pants. xo

  2. Fascinating trail to your OLW. Thinking of your word, the first thing that comes to mind is Byrd Baylor's "Everybody Needs a Rock."

  3. I like this - there are a ton of different ways this could go. Just for fun, go see what you find at when you look up your word.

    (I did this with my OLW MOVE...lots of fun.)

    Glad I'm not the only one who gets easily distracted.

  4. Choosing a word of the year is such an awesome idea. This shows that you are really reflective of your life and think about what you want your life to be. I admire that.

  5. I love your memories of being in the classroom. I totally get the feeling now. Until I became a teacher myself, I never thought about how my teachers got everything done for the next day. Now I know, they were completely a difficult task. I appreciate my teachers, including you so much more! I also like your OLW, it can mean so many things.

  6. What a wonderful description of your search - so long - yet so true for OLW. It's amazing how much power you can find in OLW!

  7. I like it! I am more taken with "Stone" but rock has so many possibilities. Can't wait to see if you post some experiences with this OLW during March.

  8. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  9. This word may have the power to rock your world. Doesn't it feel good to have something in your mind as a word?

  10. I love rocks too! When I was a little girl walking with my mom, we would always come home with rocks in our pockets. I think your OLW will lead you on an adventure this year.

  11. I love your introspection. I appreciate how you not only analyze your own thoughts, but all the denotations and connotations of your word.

    PS - Where does OLW come from?

  12. Love the way you meandered through, like we do on a hike, stooped over, looking for 'heart' rocks, Tam. And I am excited about your word. "Rock" has such a strong connotation, don't you think? I too was reminded of the Byrd Baylor book.

  13. You showed us distraction in your writing by wandering off. So me! I think all teachers have this distraction problem to one degree or another because as we cannot have a complete thought...too many distractions from needs with students and demands of the job. Can't wait to hear where your OLW goes.

  14. Tam, I felt like I was sitting at the table listening to you. And yes, our minds do wander from one idea to the next.
    Rock - best ever for you!