Saturday, March 2, 2013

Writing Takes a Walk

I decided to see what is happening outside today.  It was 75% sunny which drew me out of the house.  It was only 29 degrees and windy--not springy at all.  I had hoped for more, but I really did want to formally say good-bye to most snow and temperatures in the teens.  I heard children playing outside and morning doves cooing.  I thought, "Good omens of what is yet to come." 
As I walked down to the field, I noticed a myriad of what looked like large snowballs of different sizes and shapes.  These were created by snow plows plowing through snow and ice from this last week.  They looked like parts of something that didn't belong anymore.  I was to meet my son Eric and his two dogs, but they were far into the field, so I trekked toward the beach area of our lake. 
Canadian honkers on the beach shore literally honked at my intrusion and flew away.  Across the lake swans were swimming in the melted sections of the lake.  The lake was not frozen for very long or at any long period this winter.  When we first moved here almost 24 years ago, we could take snowmobiles on the lake and ice fish.  This hasn't been happening lately.  Global warming?  I don't know.  What I do know, Indiana winters are much milder.  Since I'm not a winter person, that suits me just fine. 
On the way home, I noticed some green plants reaching for the sky already--probably bulbs of some kind.  I also picked up a few notable rocks which I have been doing since I was a child.  I'm in a zone when I look/choose rocks.  It's a zone just for me and my thoughts.  When people go on vacation, I ask for a rock or a shell if they are on beaches--the best gifts and souvenirs ever.   
On my way back to the yard, I picked up the morning paper. 
What better way to spend a Saturday morning with winter saying its good-byes, spring peaking through the dirt, birds wanting to be noticed, rocks wanting to be added to my rock pile, and newspapers waiting to be read with my last cup of coffee of the day. 
Not only is the weather warming up, but so is my writing.


  1. Great post. I love your beautiful pictures and equally beautiful words to describe your walk today. Cold but lovely!

  2. It all sounds so familiar to me...even the rock gifts! Sounds like a lovely day readying for spring there!
    Tam, don't forget to post your unique URL. This one is
    Have a great time this month of slicing and I look forward to reading more.

    1. I still can't figure out why it doesn't show up some of the time. Now it's there! Thanks.

  3. Love your pictures!You have a much more scenic view than I do when I walk. Saying good-bye to winter is a nice way to say it. I'm ready to say good-bye too. I'm so glad you found a smidgen of spring coming up. I have to say, 29 degrees is too cold for me to be out walking. :-)

  4. I love that you were out in the sun today, even if it was cold. There is something about the sun in March that is different from the weak peeks of it we get in January and February!

  5. I love the way the personification at the end ties every detail, every image together. I am itching to take a walk now.

  6. Thanks for taking me along to notice what you are noticing.

  7. I love the idea of slowing down and noticing what is about to end...appreciating the beauty and being thankful for what we have/had. We all get so busy...What a great reminder to take time to breathe deeply and to NOTICE!

  8. I enjoyed your photos. Your post reminds me of Elsie's (which I know you LOVE). I felt like I was exploring with you. What an excellent idea to say good bye to winter.

  9. Thank you for taking me along for the journey Tam. Using words and pictures you allowed me clearly visualize your morning walk. As a committed walker I thank you for the splendid vision you created for me as a reader.

  10. Beautiful Tam. I love the pictures, but especially that one with the ice breaking up. And I love that you love by a lake. We used to in Missouri & it was wonderful to do so. Thanks for a nice 'walking trip'!

  11. Spring is on the way! : ) Love your last line...comparing the warmth of spring to your writing warming up.