Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A SOLC Reflection

I'm home from a visit to my grandchildren and need time to adjust being back home--an advantage of retirement.  It's a time to reflect on the weekend again.  I wrote about "the dress" yesterday with sleepy eyes, but today I look back at more pictures I took.  Where will I go next?

This is what I've discovered this year about the SOLC. 

It's not only a time to write every day, but a time to stop and reflect any time we want to as slicers.  I am amongst fellow bloggers who are going through the same thing every day as I am.  I know we're all in the same boat so to speak.  We can whine, celebrate, or show fatigue.  It's okay.  Like I've said to others in my comments, I feel like I'm writing to pen pals sometimes.  Not just a person who talks about events but a writerly person.  How special is this?

The pain and the glory:   The "pain" comes with the desire to make a difference with our posts--a difference in our lives, as well as others.  Bloggers experience the glory of writing by receiving comments from other writers.  There is a sense of accomplishment. 

I appreciate reading posts before writing mine.  It gives me insight into my own life and writings.  I appreciate the teachers that experience joy in their classrooms as well as frustration.  I connect with memories and good times.  We are one right now.

Only 5 days left. 

Can I continue to do this at least once a week for the next year?  A new challenge. 


  1. Ah, I shall join you in your new challenge, if I may? My BF who is also a teacher turned me on to SOL a bit late in the ball game and now that it's coming to an end, I feel a sense of loss. I'm going to miss my daily visits to the blog and the camaraderie of fellow teachers united in writing and in life. I wish SOL happened 365 days a year. :)


  2. I know what you are feeling. I am retired and this is my first year doing the slice. I have so enjoyed reading the other posts and feel like I know some of the bloggers. Thanks for putting your thoughts to words about this...Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  3. You can continue once a week, just say I think I can. This month of writing is a challenge but also so rewarding. It's fun to get to know more about my blogging friends.

  4. Only 5 more days, hard to believe! Pain and glory. You can keep it going!

  5. Slicing is such a wonderful way to practice writing, enjoy the process and share the fruits of or labor in a supportive forum. With five days to go, I am not going to lie and say that I am not relieved, a bit...it's a lot to slice every day and read through fellow slicers' offerings. I'll be happy to slice every Tuesday...and I hope you will, too.

  6. I love the idea of pen pals. We do have a wonderful community of slicers who encourage, risk, and try. Reflection is powerful and so necessary to our lives.

  7. Not just a person who talks about events, but a writerly person.

    Love this line! It is true...what a special shared passion we have in this community. A passion for words, story, sharing, noticing, living.

  8. It has been a special month, you're right, Tam. I've enjoyed 'hearing' from you again this year, & have missed you all during the past year. I'm still waiting for those rock memories! Have a grand end to the SOLC!

  9. This community of writerly people is awesome. I wish I had had more time to visit people and hear their stories. There have been many times when reading someone's post has put my life in a different perspective, changed my mood, or given me inspiration. It feels good here even when the days and writing are painful. The celebrations are great too.

  10. "writerly person"
    You--the one who names things--have done it again. Perfect. Your slice captures this all so well.
    PS Love Lily's dress! And the nail painting!

  11. I hope you'll continue each week. I've enjoyed stopping by your blog to see what you've decided to slice about for the day. It's interesting how slicing does make us pause and grab hold of something from our day, think about it, shape it a bit, and form it into something we can save. I also find it interesting to move across blogs and realize how many little things are really the big things in our worlds. I love the stories and the community.