Monday, March 4, 2013

Retirement Thoughts

It's Monday, but I'm retired.
I relish sleeping in
When everyone else has to go.

I'm able to do what I really
Want to do.
Volunteer, babysit, see friends,
And read, write, reflect.
Yet to travel more.

I don't do all those
Things I said I would
When I retired like
Clean more,
Organize more.

Right now, ideas for a post
Are popping in and out.
But what to choose?
I have all day today to choose.

It's still not easy
To write every day.
The list is in front of me.
"It's still Monday!"
Even if I am retired.

I was busy all weekend.
Shopping, enjoying family,
Attending a  retirement party,
Getting ready for a new week.

I keep my weekends
Inspite of my new life.
I really slow down
Or step it up.
Enjoying weekends never die.

The sun is shining so bright.
Gets me excited
Of warmer days to come
And earlier mornings to enjoy.

Just want to share
What I have earned,
Thankful I made it this far.
Always thinking, "There still
Is more time to give."


  1. Sounds delightful, I can't wait!

  2. Yup, those are retirement thoughts. Retirement is a good place to be after years and years in the classroom. Although I am retired, I do work in schools throughout the year. So thankful that this month is a bit slower, so I can read more slices and comment. Happy days to you Tam!

  3. Retirement is wonderful, although I still work two days a week. But just knowing that I can do what I want, when I want or not do anything at all is fantastic. As for organization, I hate to say it, but I was more organized when I worked. Happy retirement!

  4. Your poem makes me think of my dad. My dad retired a month ago. He will turn 79 in few weeks. He says he feels wonderful being at home and doing what he wants. He is genuinely happy.

  5. I can't wait to join you! Then we can go on rock hunting adventures!

  6. What a great reflection on retirement! I'm so glad that you are enjoying yourself and your time--you are so right that you have earned every minute!
    The other day I started doing the math to see how close I am....not close. Not even a little. :)

  7. We never retire from life and that is a good thing. It is just another new chapter. I do look forward to sleeping in and am thankful for summer vacation days to practice.

  8. Retirement sounds delicious. And who needs to clean or organize more? Happy for you!

  9. Sounds wonderful. A few years before I will be there, but looking forward to the time.

  10. Tam,
    I've been retired from full-time teaching for almost 10 years and life is sweet but busy, just different busy. I love it. No looking back. How about you?

  11. My husband will retire in a few weeks. I'm so excited for him and your post describes exactly the kind of life I hope for him.

  12. I'm retired two years in June. Love it. Loved teaching, too, and work with a homeschooler and a couple hours a week volunteering in the high school. No time to organize! Enjoy the new busy-ness!

  13. Love that line, "want to share, what I have earned", Tam. Beautifully said. I have Mondays off now, & relish them. Someday soon...

  14. Your poem is so full of life and energy. Not what I expected from "retirement thoughts," but a pleasant surprise. I like the thought about choosing to slow down or speed up weekends, depending on what they are being used for.

  15. Your words are part of my slice:�� I hope you don't mind.