Thursday, March 14, 2013

Posting a Life

I've always used and enjoyed Post-it notes ever since these little pieces of sticky paper became available.  While teaching, I used them for marking places in a book, lesson plans, or for a quick reminder not to forget to do something.  Yes, they were handy.

Today, I have been retired for almost 3 years.  The notes have not lessened in the least.  In fact, I use more notes than I ever have.  Why? 

I use the Post-it notes more for reminders now.  Some may say dementia is on the way--maybe, but since I have no routine, I need to write down the things I have to do.  It's a whole new world when you're retired.  There are no alarm clocks, no daily time of arrival, no school bells, no just weekends to get everything done at home.  I'm on my own schedule which can change at a minute's notice--just because it can.

I'm on the computer most of the morning.  My sons send me information by internet most of the time.  I have to write important dates/happenings down and move the note where it will do the most good.  Sometimes I see something for a good price, write it down, and then take that note to the store to compare.   Facebook keeps me up on information from extended family and friends.  There is usually something there that should be noted since everyone is not on Facebook.

A notebook for things to do wouldn't work.  The notebook wouldn't be where I wanted it to be when I needed it.  I have a stack of Post-its everywhere.  I also like picking them up and putting right in front of my face in my purse to remember to do/get what I have to.  I have post-its for all the places I have to go and in which order. 

The best part of using notes is you can throw each of them away when you've moved the information to the right spot or when you're finished with a task. 

There is a memory attached to little notes, too. 

I can't remember exactly the name of a cartoon that was in the newspaper in the 70's, but it all had to do with writing little love notes before the Post-it even existed.  My husband and I were motivated by this cartoon to slip little love notes to each other on bathroom mirrors, in lunches, in books, under pillows, and other places.   Good times.

Ahhh....more uses for Post-its!!!  


  1. My teaching life is a series of post it notes - I would be lost without them. I know there is undoubtedly a better method - more tech savvy, etc. - but I am kinda "stuck" on those post its.

  2. Is hubby going to get a post-it tomorrow? : ) Clever title that becomes more clever after reading your post!

  3. I share your love of Post-Its. I have them everywhere, too! If you ask Mike, he would say I have too many post-it notepads. I don't think there is such a thing as too many! I am glad I am not alone on this. :)

  4. I loved hearing what you do with post-its, Tam. My husband & I wrote to each other too! Special to remember, & I've kept some of them. I love that you stick them everywhere & stack them for errands (great idea). My latest use is that my youngest granddaughter (18 months) has discovered them, & she can peel one off & put it on her clothes-so funny.) So now I make stars & funny faces on them for her. It's kind of like stickers, but the stickies last longer! Thanks for a fun post.

  5. My desk is a mass of post-its. I am glad there is still a need in retirement!

  6. As a fellow lover of Post-Its, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post (ha! even post has Post in it...sorry...that was bad even for me).
    Glad to know that my life after retirement can include these colorful little bits of stuff that I have become accustomed to.

  7. Yeah, life would definitely be difficult without Post-Its, yet I seldom reflect on their importance! Their are so many things in life that are just THERE--and are taken for granted!

  8. I am the Queen of post-it notes. They line my calendar, my fridge, my desk, my mirrors, my books. I have been known to put a post it on my steering wheel to remind myself to get gas and stick one to my shirt to remind myself what I need to do. Post it notes are God's gift ot busy women!