Saturday, March 16, 2013

Super Miracle Bubbles

This was a Christmas gift from one of my BONS writing friends Ruth M., just one gift of many that she pulled from her book bag--little, meaningful things.

She gave me the lime green color, my favorite color right now.  Everyone loves bubbles, especially kids, moms, teachers.  Anyone else?

On the label it says, "Super Miracle Bubbles."  No one has to tell me that they are "super" and  "miracle" when it comes to producing those magical little round bubbles and watching them glide through the air.  

My 4-year-old grandson James has seen plenty of these bubbles at the Cleveland Clinic where he goes every 3 months for check-ups since his brain surgery at 9 months.  He doesn't like the MRIs but likes the doctors (the ones who use these bubbles).  Yes, super miracles when it comes to attitude changes, tears to smiles.

The little things.



  1. I love the playfulness and joy that bubbles bring.

  2. Wow, Tam...there are big connections in this post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Bubbles do possess magical qualities and you have mentioned one of them.

  4. Oh Tam! I'm so glad the bubbles bring more good stuff to mind for you than just the fun that you can't help but find on those colorful bottles. Can I tell you that reading this today--especially today--gave me a much-needed lift. It made me smile to know that this gift brought joy to you. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  5. They do look miraculous Tam, just right for you grandson who sounds like he sometimes needs a bit of cheer! Thanks for telling us! And, just a question. You mentioned that your family had a great time in St. Augustine a while ago. I wondered if you would recommend the place you went. I am looking for a good place for my own family this summer. You can find my e-mail on my blog profile if it's possible. Thanks!