Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just a Saturday

Surprisingly, so far, my posts have come easily for me.  I haven't even scratched my list of ideas yet.  I guess I was ready and comfortable to come up with the slices so far.  I've just been myself this year without over thinking my ideas into the night and obsessing if they're perfect.  I also found out that I don't want to create when it's late at night.  I discovered writing in the morning or early afternoon is best for me.  After 3 years, I thought I had figured it all out.  I feel like a real writer.  I can do this--no problem!

Well, now it's the 9th day of the challenge--nothing is hitting me.  Mind is slowing down............eek! 

I went shopping instead of going for a walk.  Nothing notable happened.  Grocery and Kohl's were busy.  People getting ready for Spring Break? 

Snow piles melted somewhat and dirty. 

It is a weekend.  My body wants to slow it down today, too.  The time change is tonight, and we're losing an hour by springing forward.  Sounds strange to me.

It's suppose to rain tomorrow.  I look forward to rain these days.  We had a drought last year, and I'm still catching up on the sounds of rain.  Will my slice be about rain?

Excuse me while I get a cup of peach tea and settle into my next read.    

--A slice in slow motion and pictures for your entertainment


  1. I sure understand the difficulty you went through in creating the 9th post. You have some nice thoughts and a good picture.

  2. I love it when writers share these moment of slowing down, sipping a lovely cup of tea...
    thanks... I'm feeling peaceful now too :)

  3. Your day sounds a lot like mine. Not much action, just the day to day stuff. That's life! :-)

  4. Haha - I loved your voice meandering through this post. I could feel the sleepy mood that you were trying to portray. Makes me want a cup of tea myself!

  5. I love the picture at the end--perfect! This may be a silly thing to say in a comment (but we know each other too well for me to hold back), but I'm really glad you stuck in that bit about the time change! I forgot!
    Excuse me while I go change some clocks.

  6. Thanks for sharing your cup of tea...I'm ready to settle in to my next read, too!

  7. I like this idea of "slice in slow motion" Tam. I've had my son & family today & it was grand. I wrote some slices ahead & am okay with that. Now it's quiet & I'm wrapping up the day enjoying reading some posts. It sounds as if you had a nice day. Nothing better than that!

  8. Enjoyed your blissful photograph. Liked the words "settle into my next read" . Settle in, friend. : )