Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thinking Inside the Box

Ever take a look at  I do mainly for fun and relaxation--never buying.  I feel most of the products are for the young at heart, but I took an interest one day in a steamer trunk that was pictured.  When I clicked on it, I was in for a surprise.  There were 39,336 similar items of this nature.  I got to page 25 of 250 pages and had to take a break.  I haven't been back since but what a surprising realisation!

I re-discovered the importance of boxes!!!  I always knew they were great because I've always loved boxes as much as I love rocks.  Good thing I don't pile boxes up like I do rocks.  I have to force myself to throw away any box I get--even if it's from There are boxes of everything if you really think about it.

I looked up the definition of  "boxes" on and found the definition of "a container, case, receptacle, usually rectangular or square of wood, metal, cardboard, etc. and often with a lid or removable cover.  Synonyms are bin, carton, case, casket, chest, coffer, create, pack, package.

I started making a list of distinctive types of boxes that are used for a variety of reasons.  Fascinating.

trunk                                       industrial tool storage metal box
primitive trunk                        match box                                 
suitcase                                   box of nails
jewelry box                             shoeshine box
fishing tackle box                   wooden crate
lunch box                                 hope chest
bread tin                                  index box
cash box                                   metal egg
pencil box                                       carton
tissue box                                 pirate chest
junk box                                   drawer
cereal box                                 milk carton
post office box                          candy box
salt box                                      tobacco tin
funeral casket                            coffee/tea cans
printer's tray                              bird cage
Quaker Oat box                         raisin box
recipe box                                  card/stationary box
cardboard box                            Tupperware box
cookie box

How many posts can I/you conjure up from this list of boxes? 

Think Outside the Box                                


  1. You are funny Tam, definitely thinking outside the box with this post. Or are you boxed in? :-)

  2. How about Dr. Seuss's FOX IN A BOX? Matchbox 20? :). Maybe kitchen cabinets, shoe box, the dash or trunk of a car, CD or DVD or video game cases, Kindle or iPad cases, ornament storage boxes, stacking cube boxes, a magician's box for making ladies disappear, mailbox, jack-in-the-box, hose box, a garage (car box, right), litter box, maybe a purse or clutch, the boxes that baby chicks arrive in with circular holes all over, trailers and RVs, refrigerator, oven, microwave, music box...

  3. Text box, Velveeta cheese box, window box, board game box

  4. As a kid, I used to collect all kinds of these things. My husband has helped me with my addiction some, but I still hate to throw them away. I love your list and appreciation for all these special containers.

  5. Love you list and learning this little insight. I love a memory box. I have a shoe-box size that holds special cards and letters. As a kid, I use to keep my treasures in a specialty box. Now I notice my daughter is keeping a memory box. Fun.

  6. I love this post!!! I also LOVE Etsy, however I do purchase things from the site from time to time. Your post made me laugh. It was so good to see you! :)

  7. Oh my gosh! This reminds me of something Youngest did when he was in preschool. Maybe it'll become a slice....maybe not. Either way, thanks for the memory and for the fun exploring the idea of boxes.