Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Winks

A week ago today,
a March storm covered
our land with ice,
snow, and wind.
It was Old Man Winter
striking a blow,
keeping Sweet Spring
at arm's distance.

Temperatures then rose,
melting all that is cold
with torrents of rain,
Sweet Spring jousting for its place.

Today, Winter enters again
with just a coating,
saying, "I just wanted
to say good-bye one last time."

With one last wink (maybe),
and temps to rise again,

"Just remember me
with good thoughts.
Sweet Spring,
it's your time to brag
about green, yellow,
lilac, and all that is bright.                                                                       



  1. Please no lingering good-byes needed Old Man Winter! Hello Sweet Spring! Great poem to greet the new season. I am longing for the color in your picture, just beautiful!

  2. Love the idea of winter "With one last wink " - precious thought! Great way to deal with the ups and downs of a thermometer. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the personification and the jousting between Old Man Winter and Sweet Spring. I want to know if those colors are from this year or a previous spring? They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. My bet is they are 2012! What a wonderful promise of things to come. I have a pot of daffodils on my coffee table that feels like spring!
    You've captured the images.

  5. Beautiful and vibrant picture of sweet spring colors. Can't wait for Old Man Winter to quit winking. Should be soon!
    You are the master commenter...so kind and encouraging with your words. : )

  6. We had another last night after the big one on Saturday, that wasn't as big as they predicted. We really need the moisture, but I wouldn't mind just rain! Lovely poem from 'old man winter' Tam!

  7. Oh, I saw the lovely little snowflakes falling this evening. I love that winter was "winking". Made me think of my grandfather. Sometimes he winks when it's something special, and then other times, it's when he's being ornery!

  8. How fun! I just got done slicing about yearning for warmer days, even though I do love winter. Your poem is right up my alley tonight. :)