Friday, March 15, 2013

Early Spring

Here we are!

Greyish-white, paw-like,
Silky, soft catkins.

We're attached to
red/brown-colored limbs.

Still so cold and
Sometimes topped with snow.

But we are here again                                                                                                   
As always in early March.                                                                                   

We burst forth,
Leading the way.

Next, a small spray of light yellow
Will release the small, green leaves.
We are the buds of the
Pussy willow tree.

Shared on Palm Sunday
In the Russian Orthodox

Atop a picture of the Lord's Supper
All year long--now a memory.


  1. As a kid I loved pussy willows. I have seen very few as an adult. I had no idea they played a part in the Russian Orthodox Church.

  2. Oh boy--pussy willows! I'm with Elsie--no idea they were part of the church, and I loved them as a kid. Thank you for making sure we all start watching for those little signs that spring is arriving.

  3. I'm inspired to get out and look for these branches that lead the way. Lovely poem.