Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter Blues

Things I will NOT MISS about winter:

late sunrises
early nights
below freezing cold
unending snow
brutal winds
icy roads
heavy coats/gloves

Things I WILL MISS about winter:
slow falling snow
the quiet
graceful deer near my windows
all variety of birds together at the feeder
warm, bulky sweaters
layers of soft blankets
wooly, fuzzy footies
hot, homemade soups
the warm coziness of home
mighty, good reason to stay in bed longer in the morning

I can't believe I have more things to miss than not!!! Sometimes I wonder how we tolerate the winter, but by tolerating winter, we experience summer, spring, and fall, and I wouldn't miss any of them for all the warmth of summer!

So, Mr. Winter, you may not be my favorite, but I guess loving 3 out of 4 seasons is a pretty good life, not forgetting all the things I would miss if I didn't have you around sometimes!!


  1. Hey there....thanks for the comment....I am really out of my element....oh the things we do in the name of love!!

  2. Dear Tam,
    I like your list poems. You are right that having all four seasons gives richness to life.

  3. This was a great visual for me - you are right, there are more things that I will miss!

  4. That second poem atually had me wishing for more winter....well done!

  5. Dear Tam,
    I needed this piece today. I forgot about wooly, fuzzy footies. I, too, went list-ish in my post today. Yours pensive and lovely.
    Best wishes,

  6. I like it that you created a duel, but surprised us all by having the wrong 'person' win.

  7. Hi Tammy, Thanks for your post. I love reading it! It is true, having all seasons, help me appreciate all the seasons. I would miss them. I would get tired of any of them if I had to have one all the time! :o)

  8. I really like your list. There are many things to miss about winter, but I am soooo looking forward to warmer weather.

    Happy Writing

  9. Cool list! I'm really enjoying your posts each day--makes it feel almost like a conversation. :)
    Tomorrow it's supposed to soup?

  10. Your slice made me hate this early March cold snap just a little less. Thank you!

  11. I love this slice - great imagery.

  12. I love lists and list poems too. I may steal your idea and use it for one of my own slices. I am feeling hopeful for spring. It has to come eventually. Actually, in Michigan, we don't have much spring. Fall is stunning around here though.

  13. Things I will NOT miss about winter (in addition to your mention):
    icy stairs
    dry, itchy skin
    frozen snot
    all-covering shoes (no air for the dogs!)
    scraping the car
    chapped lips
    gray skies

    Things I MIGHT miss about winter:
    school delays
    pretty snow showers from inside looking out

    :) You see, now I've added to the list. You're all balanced now. From one winter loather to another... I love your writing! Thanks for sharing!