Friday, March 4, 2011

Birth of a Blog

When I don't know what to write, sometimes I read or look back into all my old writers notebooks. I'm on my 11th notebook this year--how appropriate for 2011. I didn't realize I had a 10th writers notebook anniversary last year. Congratulations to my writers notebook!

I started my writers notebooks in the 2000-2001 school year. This was after I attended a number of after school writing workshop meetings. I basically wrote along with my students and whenever at home.

Tonight, I found writers notebook #1 and discovered the page on which I had title ideas for my notebook--everything should have a name, especially if you're going to live with it every day!

This was my list on 01/10/01:


Life's Treasures

Mind Treasures

A Lifestyle

Bits of a Rainbow




My Kingdom

Dew Drops of the Day--(really!!)

Fairy Tales

Fragments of My Imagination

Clay Fragments

Learning Journal


I starred the name "Clay Fragments." Thus, also, the name for my blog now. I had forgotten that I had made a list of names, but I remember thinking that the name had to be something that contained bits and pieces of writing that eventually would take some shape and then change, maybe over and over again until it took its place in print.



  1. Wow Tam--this is awesome! I wondered where Clay Fragments came from. And I'm also seeing why the name BON(S) had appeal for you. Very, very cool. I know you love things to have names.
    Ok, so now I'm wondering what would have happened if you had gone with My Kingdom. You know, we could have been the queens of something then! :)

  2. I love learning the history of your blog's name! It fits perfectly. Some day I may explain my name and blog title in a post. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Your list of titles makes a great list poem. What a great way to remember "fragments" of your past.

  4. What a great place for inspiration. old journals and a cool writing list and I LOVE the blog name!
    Cool, very cool,

  5. I struggled over selecting a blog name. Took me several days. Love Clay Fragments!

  6. Bits of rainbow - I like that one.