Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watching and Wondering

For the first time in my life, I sighted a robin in early January! Was he lost? confused? Or did I just never notice robins during the winter??

Late in the morning or afternoon, the robin would perch himself on a small berry tree in our native plant garden in the backyard. I just thought this robin was a fluke. On January 21 in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, a picture appeared of a robin with the caption of "A robin sings as it rests on a branch during snow showers Thursday afternoon in Fort Wayne." On January 26, I saw three robins!

In February, I started hearing family and friends talk of sighting flocks of robins! I also ended up seeing flocks of robins in trees in the front yard. I did an internet search and found that some robins do winter over, but so many? We had such a cold and snowy winter, especially in February. In addition, I read that robins will eat berries. I even put out some raisins, but nothing was touched.

Spring has finally arrived, and now many robins hop around the yard, trying to find worms in the grass. However, I still see one robin perched in the same tree every day mostly by himself. Is this the same robin that I sighted back in January? Does he have his eye on a nesting place?

I guess this is what you call bird watching and wondering!!


  1. Our neighbors have a large stand of fir trees. Some robins flock together for the winter in those trees. So...we now see them year round. This time of year we begin to see many more. The ones that went south must be returning. Perhaps you have a social outcast in your midst.

  2. I feel like the last one on earth to have seen a robin. I'm going to have to go on a hunt!

  3. Strange--I did see a robin yesterday, but hadn't really been on the lookout for them until recently. Guess I should have started much earlier!