Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Graduation and a Class of 4

I feel like I'm graduating after 31 straight days of writing!!!! All in 31 days:

I have written.

I have reflected.

I have learned.

I have laughed.

I have shared.

I have read.

I have moaned.

I have smiled.

I have realized.

I have uploaded.

I have regretted.

I have reminisced.

I have celebrated.

I have traveled.

I have skipped instead of walking or running.

So what does a retired person do after learning so much more about herself and her writing in just one short month? Continue writing, sharing, and working with my class of four very special students--Lucas, Noah, Lilly, and James, my grandchildren.

I make sure Lucas, Noah, Lilly, and James are reading some very good books. Every chance I get, I make sure they have a new writers notebook to fill with whatever and wherever they are at this moment. Soon, I must talk with them about what is in their notebooks and ask them, "How's It Going?" I will show them my notebook and my blog. We will talk more, and we will read and write together and apart. Writing is a record of our lives for now and evermore.

Congratulations, fellow bloggers!


  1. I love the list, & as I would say to students: "good verbs!" What a special idea to share with your grandchildren. I wonder if I can start that with my grandson from afar? Perhaps you could all write a book together? I don't think I've seen anything out like that - "Writing With My Grandchildren". Enjoy every minute with your class!

  2. Oh so cool! Wish mine were closer but I will do this any chance I get! You are correct! It is a "record of our lives". I love that! Happy slicing! Hope to see you in April!!!!!:)

  3. Tam--your list reads like a poem. A reflective, celebratory poem! Love it and you too. :)
    Also am so excited for you and your little class of 4. My kids have been a bit intrigued with the slicing thing too, and I'm planning (plotting??) ways to get them involved as writers.
    See you soon!

  4. Congratulations on the completion of the first month of your blog. I knew you could do it - I enjoyed reading your daily posts, and look forward to reading your first book!!

  5. I love how you said that you learned so much about yourself and your writing. I feel the exact same way, this has been such a growing experience. I've had a blast reading your blog, thank you!

  6. Graduation Day--perfect analogy for this last day of Slicing. I appreciate all your diligence in your posting, as well as the lovely comments you've left on my blogs. Sometimes those comments are what kept me going when I was flagging.

    Enjoy those grandchildren. I have a framed card in my kitchen that reads: Grandchildren are the icing on the cupcakes of life. I have nine grandchildren and they are all different and oh, so fun.

    See you next year!

    Elizabeth E.

  7. You and your "class" that summer house...with summer tomatoes and that's a great image!

  8. Your list says it all. Enjoy your special students!!

  9. Great post! I have enjoyed reading your posts this month and look forward to reading you in the future--maybe guest slices from the grandkids?

  10. Your poem list captures the accomplishments of our writing. Love the title. I smiled. We have graduated. We still will be learning as life-long learners do. Love the thought of teaching your grandchildren. How fun. I look forward to reading more posts about them. MaryHelen

  11. I know you will inspire them until they are old enough to actually understand! LOVE YOU GRAM!!