Monday, March 21, 2011

Motorcyle vs Writing

Congratulations to those fellow bloggers who have written every day for 22 days, give or take a few! We can also say, we are 71% in completion of our goal. We have 9 more days to go!

My middle son asked after I told him I was writing a post a day for 31 days, "Why are you doing this to yourself?" I explained I like writing slices, have always liked to write, and now I can share my writings with others on a daily basis and also read their blogs, making comments. It's like a little writing workshop. He just nodded his head and smiled. I didn't know if I had really reached him.

When I got home, I emailed my son and referred back to his question he had asked about my every day writing. I said, "You know how you like to ride your motorcycle, shine it up, and fix it if it needs fixed? Well, that's how I feel about writing/blogging." He answered back, "Point well taken."

Writing is like a motorcyle--you love riding/writing it. Shining it up is reading it over to yourself, and then fixing it/revising if it needs it.

Blogging every day has also taught me that there is something always there to write about, insignificant as it may seem.

Writing is an appreciation of life.


  1. The analogy is great, especially since it ties to your son. But the last line touches me very much: Writing is an appreciation of life. It's been so nice to 'hear' what others have to say, what they value. I have been much inspired by you & others.

  2. Here, here Tam! "Writing IS an appreciation of life." There is always something to write about. I started this challenge with the intent of learning more about the writing process through the act of writing. What I discovered is that writing is about living. These days is a practice in mindfulness.
    Thank you for sharing your insight,

  3. Perfect analogy! Blogging every day has given me a new appreciation of writing and my life. I am always on the lookout!

  4. Love how you've thought about this--it really has become something that is just part of my day and I think I am starting to think and notice more like a writer. It's still hard some days. But I think one of the things that helps through the hard parts is knowing that I'm part of a community of writers and that others are also struggling some days, in the zone others, etc.

  5. I love this analogy. The riding/writing for your son is so cool! It is a way to connect to this younger generation. I'm going t use that with my students. Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :)

  6. Great analogy! And I too love the last line. Bravo!

  7. I think this is finally the analogy that would have meaning for my husband. He sold his bike some 20 years ago but I remember every spring when he would park his bike in the drive, always ready for a ride.

  8. I'm so glad you posted this. Book Club serves many purposes!Love the analogy.

  9. Ditto what everyone else said. I think you've hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    I love this phrase: "Shining it up" because that is the hardest thing to do in writing. All too often my students want to hand in their first drafts. There, they seem to say, I wrote it and that's it. But that isn't it, right? The writing is in the shining it up, the fine-tuning of the phrase, the word. I often write on the board: "Writing is re-writing." Some sigh, realizing that lazy and sloppy writing (first drafts) are only the beginning.

    But oh, the smiles on their faces, when they get it right--when they've shined that thing up! It's worth it. Every time.

    Elizabeth E.

  10. Great metaphor Tam. I think I should use it with teenage writers. What do you think? So glad you are writing.

  11. Ruth, Go ahead and use it. It could be used with any thing that teens love to do. Yes, I'm writing every day. That in itself is a lesson for me! There are so many good writers out there!!! Thanks for the compliment--wanting to use my idea.