Friday, March 18, 2011

Because I Can

I wrote this once and deleted it because I didn't want anyone to feel bad about having to work and maybe never get to retire, but I have that opportunity. I feel blessed.

Because I'm retired

I can sleep in until 8:00 after going to bed at midnight.

I can skip the naps because I get 8 hours almost every night.

I can stay in my robe until noon (I never did that before!).

I can go out to lunch with friends.

I can be part of a retiree lunch bunch.

I can blog and enjoy it.

I can take care of family when they need someone to be there.

I can go shopping during the day all year long.

I can really enjoy weekends and rest on Mondays.

I can take care of my grandkids during the week.

I can enjoy Sunday nights.

I can be a better person because I'm not tired all the time.

I can choose how I spend my time.

I can enjoy trying new recipes.

I can read more books.

I can garden all day long this spring.

I can enjoy my coffee every morning.

I can feel blessed.


  1. You can spread the love by making your son homemade choc chip cookies whenever you want! A true blessing indeed...

  2. I feel like I have one foot there, as I went part-time this year, but the pull of the job is still around, & soon I will be where you are, I hope. I love my job, but amazingly I too want to garden during the day! Funny how life's meanderings take one to new desires. You said it very nicely about retiring, thank you.

  3. Yes retirement is great, isn't it!! I can spend hours doing nothing because there's always tomorrow to do something!

  4. Wonderful list! It sounds like a to-do list for the far, far distant future. :)
    Sounds like you are loving retirement and I think you deserve to!

  5. I'm about 5 years away, maybe less, maybe more. I love my job but I think I will be ready to turn a new page when the time comes.

  6. You've earned it, tell the world! And I'm sure about the "better person" bit, I can hardly wait.

  7. Enjoy the moments of rest and moving at a slower pace - you've earned it!!

  8. I'm so glad you posted. I have some anxiety about retirement...teaching is so much of who I am even though I know I more than that. Retirement does sound delightful as I read through your list.