Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dresses and More Dresses

Why are weddings still a fascination for young and old alike? I'm in my sixties and love to watch "Say Yes to the Dress." I love to watch and attend weddings. My husband and sons just wonder what the fascination is. For me, it is the dress and "all" the things that go with it today.

I made my dress and I wasn't even a seamstress!!! My husband even helped me. Like I said, I'm pretty basic. My best friend/roommate at the time was getting married, and she made her dress and her bridesmaid's. If she could make hers, I could make mine! My bridesmaids had to make their own. Wow, this would be a lot to ask today! Times have changed so much. What else is new?

Brides are now buying two dresses--one for the vows and the other for the reception. What's important here? Is this now just an activity or a real vow of love and a lasting relationship?

William and Kate will take their vows April 29 in Westminister Abbey. I can hardly wait!! I wish them the best and think they have that love since they took their time with and away from each other. I loved seeing Charles and Diana marry witih all the hoopla. What was Charles and Diana thinking????

Where is this going? To me marriage is a beginning a new life with the person you love and respect and a hope that whatever comes, love can prevail. The rest is fun hoopla, and there's nothing wrong with fun!!!

But "you gotta have love."

Isn't there a song that has these words? Anyone know?


  1. Oh for sure! Weddings and all that go with are the hype of every girls dream and sometimes reality. I agree though, that there may be a little too much hoopla compared to actual vows of love ever lasting. I love that you made your own dress! I have the pattern for mine and the materials to boot. I love the idea of making something that is meant to be sacred and treasured on a day that is both important and blessed.

  2. Tam, I just love this post. Marriage is beautiful and the love part is a what makes it stick. Love your "hoopia" phrase. Fun. Cool that you made your dress. I made mine too. :)

  3. I think I must be in a feminine minority...I do like weddings and enjoy going to them, but will admit that I don't get all caught up in the "doings". Not to say I don't enjoy a good bit of fun and celebrating of course. Our wedding was tiny in part because neither of us, while not objecting to being in a larger wedding, wanted to plan one! :)

  4. Perhaps by making all the hoopla, they think it will stick! Don't know the answer. Both my children had very different weddings & we loved how they chose to do it, & they're both still married. Maybe, like so many things to day, we're fighting the marketing. I liked that you worked your way through to the best part, no matter how the wedding happens, & that is love.

  5. I'm lost here Tam. I am single with a full time SO and both of us are satisfied. No dress, no diamond and I'm still standing but I do respect the other side of the coin so enjoy the wedding to come. I'll probably watch as well :)

  6. I thought about weddings a lot when I was in my 20's and single - it was a popular thing to do back then. But now it all seems to have gone beyond hoopla.
    But now that I've been through my daughter's wedding and am seeing my neices and nephews get married, I'm enjoying the back seat hoopla.