Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alive and Well

I took my first spring walk this afternoon--mighty fine day to be alive and well.

The general color scheme was brown, gray, yellow, and coniferous green with a pure blue sky and lake--yes, the lake is finally open from its frozen guise!!! I'll be watching for the brighter greens and colors as days go by.

I took to the beach and found two of the many swans that now inhabit our lake. They looked at me and then nestled their heads from the left into their right wing. It looked uncomfortable but with the long neck they have, the extra stretch seems to work well.

Two black dogs were running and jumping after each other on the beach when I spied a man in the distance calling out. I pointed to the two dogs, guessing that's who he was looking for. I could identify with the dogs' frivolity.

On the way back, I picked up large, downed tree branches and laid them near the backyard fire pit that soon will be lighted with large logs. The old Christmas wreath lies there as well with its piney scent. What a fire feast of aromas we will have!

As I returned to our deck and took one last look at our backyard of summer dreams yet to unravel, I remember all the things I was meaning to do this past winter. Oh, well, there's always next winter. I'm just ready to go out again, play, and enjoy the sun!!!


  1. "Might fine day to be alive and well" - love it. Ahh, spring. I love how the earth unravels. Happy day. :)MaryHelen

  2. So many senses engaged in this walk! Isn't it funny how a walk on a pleasant day colors our world. Enjoy the days.!

  3. Thanks for taking me along on your walk Tam. I could use some fresh air!

  4. Nice snippet of spring anticipation. I had to reread your last paragraph as it threw me for a loop! Your voice was pure reminiscing and then all of a sudden came, "Oh, well, there's always next winter." I kind of laughed out loud because I wasn't expecting the sharp switch but it was just right. No sense in lollygagging over a winter past when spring is just around the bend!

  5. I just had to get out this evening too! It was too nice to miss. Took a walk with my husband. Glad you sliced your walk. I felt like I was right beside you! Great descriptive writing! Loved it! Thanks! :)