Sunday, March 6, 2011


Round, orange, bright, and welcomed...........

This was my view as I drove into Ft. Wayne early today. I forgot how big the sun can look in the morning when there are no trees or buildings to get in the way.

I had the radio on, and Huey Lewis was singing one of his upbeat songs, and like they use to say on American Band Stand, it had a very good beat. I got so into the sun and the music, I almost missed my turn!!

All I can say is that the power of nature and music can certainly take over the human soul to lighten the load on a Monday morning.

Here's to more of those kinds mornings!


  1. Love it! I love music and it does so much for my soul too as does your writing! Thanks for sharing Tam! Enjoy this week!

  2. What a great start to a week for you! I do so much better when the sun is shining brightly, which it isn't today.

  3. I like how you say "the power of nature can lighten the load." I hope that the sun will greet you many mornings in a row.

  4. Where did that sun go? Music with meaningful words and the sun are does do much for the soul.

  5. Your Monday wasn't our Monday here..."Monday, Monday, can't trust that day"...
    But thanks for reminding me that there's going to be a "bright, bright sunshiny day"!

  6. Nice! I could have used a glimpse of the sun today. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!
    And I have missed turns before because I was so into the music while driving...wonder if that's a problem...

  7. Huey Lewis...what a wonderfully upbeat way to begin the week!

  8. You're grandkids would be proud-as Noah would say: Grams was "rockin out!"... Two weeks to Spring-keep bankin' that sunshine when you can get it!

  9. Once when I was driving back across the Mohave Desert after visiting my daughter and her family, I had on a series of tunes that were bouncy, peppy, some from days of yore and some current ones. I sang at the top of my lungs, happy to be on the way home. I think music does make a difference in my life--glad to hear it does in yours too!

    Elizabeth E.