Monday, March 28, 2011


It's a Monday morning, and this is the first time I haven't started a post by this time! I usually get an idea the night before and type it in as it comes out. Then I come back to it the next morning when the post is due, and revise, revise, and revise.

The reason why I have to revise so much is because (I just realized when commenting on an email and remembering my grief with my last post) I usually write my sentences backwards! What does this mean? Many sentences that come out with my thoughts are usually so awkward, discombobulated, and backwards that I have to slowly rearrange the words in the sentences. I blame it on getting ahead of myself, and my mind is just spitting out those thoughts at random! Mary Helen calls it "jumbled," I think.

Maybe I should just start to write by making a list of my thoughts and then numbering them in the order in which they should be. I think I do this already --some of my writers notebook pages look like chicken scratch! But I find I really like to revise, use my thesaurus, read my words over and over, read out loud, and make sure the sentences/phrases have a rhythm. My cousin Sharon said, "You're in love with words." I guess I am--realization!

I also realize I have more to say than I thought I would. I am more aware of my surroundings and the events in my life. I sometimes ask my husband or son what to write about, and they just throw some "things" out. Sometimes it is an idea I can use, but sometimes it's not exactly the topic they suggest. I may just turn one topic into another.

I also find that there are many excellent writers out there in this SOL community. I find that many of us writers share the same writing joys and difficulties. What better way to learn than from others--mini-workshops every day this month!! Sometimes I want to have more of a conversation with other bloggers. We've become penpals in a sense.

I get a kick out of family and friends finding out that I can and love to write, and that I have a blog! It's like letting out a secret that I've kept at bay.

In the end, I realize I'm skipping along more in my thoughts, rather than just walking through them.


  1. I like every bit of this, but especially you "skipping along more in my thoughts, rather than just walking through them." You sound so thoughtful with your reflection, working to figure your writing self out. Nice thoughts!

  2. Dear Tam,
    Thank you for sharing your reflection. It is fascinating to follow how the thoughts come and how they end up on a paper. I also discovered that one of the reasons I joined SOL is because I like playing with words. My blog is still a secret. Only one colleague knows. I also told my husband but that's only because I needed him to take care of things at home so I could write.
    Thank you for commenting on my posts.

  3. I was at a loss this morning too...but that is life. Crazy some days and slow others. I love how you wrote that we are like pen pals in this SOL community. I feel the same way and get a knot in my stomach thinking that the end is coming quickly. Good luck composing your thoughts tonight.

  4. Yes, Tammy, I hate to think this is coming to an end and yet I was at a loss for words this evening and had to really think about what I wanted to say. Most of the time it has not been too bad but I too loved the community of writers and comments that others gave that encouraged and helped me to improve. It has been so much fun. I'll miss this! Enjoy the last few days! Happy Slicing! :)

  5. I loved this! I got to peek inside your writing mind. :) You have articulated so many things that I often feel. It makes me think I should sit down and try to do some written reflection on my own realizations over the course of this month...

  6. I had no idea. I love your comments...they are so articulate. I even have trouble with comments. I just figured you didn't have any struggles getting the words out right. I have to revise and revise and revise and it still doesn't say what I want it to. I'm not in the love stage yet.

  7. This slice of life challenge is a great motivator to move past those fears about getting it right and do the thing we are here to do - WRITE! Well done.

  8. Can I use some of this in my class? So many students believe that how the writing tumbles out is how it is the most pure--not realizing that Writing is Rewriting. (I write that on the board a LOT.)

    Elizabeth E.