Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Neighbors

We all help each other out along our private dead end street
where we live.

We share the cost of blacktopping our road.

We hook a water hose from one house to another if a well goes bad.

We share driveways for parking if anyone has a lot of company, and we always call first.

We share the snowblowing of the private road.

We snowblow each other's driveways when the need arises.

We look after each other's pets/homes when one is gone.

We get each other's mail at times.

We mow other's lawns if need be.

We attend each other's neighborhood get togethers.

Today, I got a dozen of yellow roses from the Kiwanis Club neighbor who bought extras from
the Kiwanis fund raiser for the ladies in the neighborhood!

These are my neighbors! God love them!


  1. What awesome neighbors! When I was younger, we lived in a cove and had neighbors like yours. I sure do miss those cove gatherings. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It sounds like the ideal community. Too bad that this isn't the norm.

  3. Now I wanna live in your neighborhood! What a great little community--I can tell you value it.

  4. You are a lucky neighbor! I liked the list of so many kindnesses. Is there a way to show the writing to your neighbors?