Friday, April 1, 2011


Ruth's post of March 31, "March Reminded Me," spoke to me in the line that said, "March reminded me ordinary days are my passion." I like ordinary days, too, being home, the small things. At the same time, because I think they all seem insignificant to others, I downplay them. In actuality, this is what makes each one of us unique in our personalities and our writing. This is what I discovered in March.

As bloggers, we knew we all loved to write, but what about it? Do we really have something to write about, to talk about, to share? I am not controversial or want to shout anything to the masses, I just want to write. I want to feel good about what I write, enjoy the process, and share it with people who I can give a lift, a laugh, or a sentiment. If this goes any further, I'm blessed, but I do want to share and talk about writing. It's like reading a good book.

I discovered yesterday, commenting on a post that blogging and commenting is like going back to that good book you're reading, your little world of enjoyment, your involvement in a story being told, your place in a community of readers/writers that are supportive, and make you want to come back because writing/reading is good for you!!! Where have I heard that before, Ruth?

I've discovered another me that's been waiting to be released, letting me know, it's okay. I have something to write about, something to offer whether it be a story or a post.

Ordinary days are also my passion, Ruth. Thank you for letting me know that secret within me is okay to write about.


  1. "Ordinary days are also my passion..." Amen!
    I just told MH that I'm so glad RA encouraged us to do this (she has a way about her with that, right?). I have loved reading your posts and can't wait for more. I was also inspired by how you commented and commented and commented, lifting the spirits of other writers. I am in awe.

  2. Amen to the commenting, commenting and commenting. My students really appreciated it! I had a few others who did but you did the most. It was priceless! Thank you too for the encouragement you have given me! I plan to slice on Tuesdays! Keep blogging! Happy slicing! :)

  3. Tam, I love your reflection. You have such a gift of writing. I love reading your posts, marveling at your choice of words and reflective musings. You wrote above: "I have something to write about, something to offer". You do, my friend! You have lots to offer and I am growing through it.
    I agree with Ruth above, RA has really stretched us and we are encouraging each others through this endeavor. MaryHelen

  4. Awww shucks, guys.

    I loved your reflection and think your title genius! Can't wait to be in the same room with you TOMORROW!

    Happy writing,

  5. "like going back to a good book you're reading..." I really like that. That really captures a quality of this past month. And now I have the feeling of waiting for the next book in the series to be published...

  6. Yes, your title is genius. Ordinary days are my passion too and what I think is interesting is how I define "ordinary" - not work, except work takes up a third of my year! Guess I have to dig deep into the ordinary to spread it over the work part like real butter!

  7. Your line about "another me waiting to be released" really sticks with me. I think maybe I've been writing ordinary stories in my head for a long time. It has been a kick to actually put them into written words. Thanks for all of your generous comments. :)