Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally Rockin'

As a writer, I've been told,

I am clear, concise, and quirky.

I've also heard that rocks and shells are ever changing

And are beautiful pieces of the Earth.

I love rocks because they mean something to me

And could be bookmarks that help me remember.

I look for rocks in quiet wonder, for I now know

Rocks collect the stories, and I am only the sender.

Rocks are the threads that run through my life

Which bind me to family and continuing tradition.

Rockfinders are a special breed, drawn

To shape, size, and color--just part of their mission.

What am I thinking about when I'm looking for rocks?

What do they mean to me?

The rocks are a part of the story of my life and,

Rocks seem to give me peace and harmony.

I still have time to have that rock conversation,

And see if one answers if I hold it up high.

I find in Byrd Baylor's book Everybody Needs a Rock,

I'll be sorry if a rock is not a friend by and by.

Thanks to nurturingcuriosity, teacherdance, elsie, booksavors, Tammy,

Sharon, Sprice, Alice, Uncle E, Donna S., onesunflower, and the Ruths

Who have given me their thoughts and support

To find the meaning of rocks and their truths.


  1. You are welcome! I'm looking forward to those stories, & am so glad you found Byrd Baylor's book-what a treasure. I love the way you wound your way down the path of your poem, just like a path of rocks. Nice to hear from you!

  2. I like the thought that rocks are a bookmark that help you remember. Rocks are enduring and so is your writing. You have expressed it beautifully. Who knew there were so many rock collectors out there?

  3. This is amazing Tam! Wow--love, love, love it!! You have some remarkable lines crafted here. Favorite lines: And could be bookmarks that help me remember. and: Rockfinders are a special breed, drawn

    To shape, size, and color--just part of their mission.

    I got chills. For real. This rock's for real! More please! :)

  4. Glad you are writing about rocks and turning to this forum to figure out why they are so special. I like the image of a rock being a bookmark for a story. This sounds like something that would be at the beginning of a book I can't wait to read.

    Happy writing, friend!

  5. A moment of silence - Wow! This post is phenomenal. "Rocks collect the stories" could be a title of the "the threads that run through my life". Beautifully crafted. I'm in awe! Thanks, my dear friend. :)MaryHelen

  6. That's so cool! I loved it when you mentioned rocks being a friend by and by! It reminded me of the time we had pet rocks! I'm sure you remember that! Beautiful writing Tammy! I can't wait to write more, but I have mid terms to work on this weekend. I promise I'll be back on it again. I'll write Tuesday! Thanks for including me in your postlude, if that's what you call it? :)