Monday, March 28, 2011

"Living on the Porch"

The "Living on the Porch" sign will soon be hung

With great anticipation and praises sung.

It announces that a table cloth will soon adorn

A picnic table full of meals with fresh peppers, tomatos, and corn.

The adirondacks and cushy wrought iron chairs

Wait for weary bodies who have left all their cares.

Impatiens, petunias, geraniums, and more

Will warm our craving spirits to the utter core.

Oh, how we long for the warmth of the sun,

To dry all those swim suits when swimming is done.

When on the porch, we'll raise our coffee cups and say,

"Here's to you Spring and Summer, we've come a long way!"


  1. BEST EVER POST! I AM GOING TO FRAME THIS ONE! These are the things that get me through winter-the year!!! (Not to mention it rhymes-the only kind of poetry that makes sense!) Wahoo Lake Days! Finally!

  2. This painted such a welcoming picture...what a lovely thing to look forward to!

  3. Love it! You had me at fresh corn, pepper, and tomatoes. I'll have to add this one to my notebook of inspired poems. Beautiful!

  4. You wrote a WONDERFUL poem! Now I want to see the porch you live in during warm weather. I'll hope even harder for it to arrive now so you can get out there! :)

  5. Wonderful! And you thought you couldn't write? Great job!!!! Happy Slicing! :o)

  6. My favs...peppers, tomatos, and corn. I'm hungry for summer! Great poetry!

  7. It's turned really warm here and tonight, as I went out to snip some mint for our snow peas and carrots, I was tempted to wipe off the patio table and eat out there tonight. Then inertia took over. But I agree--living on the porch is the best. In the summer, the cooling breeze comes at us through the wisteria vines, chasing away any mosquitos or bugs and we linger outside under our twinkly lights (put up for a daughter's wedding and never taken down--going on 10 years now). It's such a nice end to a long hot day.

    Your post captures all the details and flavors--thanks for the writing.

    Elizabeth E.