Sunday, March 13, 2011

Light-hearted Sunday

There's nothing like visiting the grandchildren to remind yourself of what is important and endearing. After the seriousness of the news from the last few days, I got lost in the realms of children, namely Lucas and Lilly.

Saturday began with Lucas's 5/6 year old basketball game. What a wonderful game--no score was kept!!! The importance of the game is dribbling, running down the court, guarding the person with same color wrist band, and maybe making a basket!

After the game, there was the gynmastics gym. Lilly and Lucas ran to the zip-line to glide across the gym floor and then jump off over and over. There were forward somersaults, a swinging rope, a plastic ball pool, jungle gym bars, balance beams, wall climbing , two trampolines, and much more. What a workout for all!

Sunday morning, I felt this gentle pawing. Gosh, their dog Wrigley really has gotten gentle! It wasn't Wrigley but Lilly gently trying to wake me up. Lucas was at the door and said, "Gram, it's time to play!" Why can't every morning be started like this when you're gently awakened with the idea of just play is on the agenda?

The day ended with a walk around the block, looking for rocks in the sunshine!

Thank heaven for little boys and girls!


  1. You have chosen just the right moments to high-light!

  2. Oh, so cool! I'd love to do this with my grandsons! Thanks for your comments! Enjoy! I love to read your blog!

  3. Grand children are,indeed, the sunshine in a day. Lucy(6) came on Sunday and made lunch for her dad and us. Chicken noodle soup and crackers. Best lunch I've had in a long time.

  4. Looks like Uncle E needs to brush up on his free throws! (and he will definitely get schooled on forward rolls-no hope there!)