Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cup Quest

Or Odd Things People Do

I am looking for the perfect coffee cup. It has to be the right size, have the right handle, weight, look, and microwaveable!

How did this begin? I had the perfect cup when I worked for Lincoln Life--it was a freebie, too. It broke, and I have been on a quest to replace this cup for quite awhile. It was a secret at first, and I didn't tell anyone I was doing this in my head. This is not to say this is all I do when I leave my house, but the thought is there when I spy cups at a store. And, of course, when you drink that special cup of coffee in the morning, it has to be an object of comfort!

I finally admitted to family and some friends that this is what I do. Knowing me, they just kept quiet and helped me locate cups when they were with me. I also had to tell them eventually that no one else but me can find it. Getting really strange now, huh? There is a good reason for this as there is with every odd thing I do--believe it or not!

As soon as you tell someone you are looking for that perfect cup, he/she wants to buy you one, maybe as a gift. This is where the problems begins in collecting things if that's what you want to call it. I call it a quest--not always sure if this will be the one, but it's fun, too.

When other people get involved, you begin to get things you would never buy for your collection, and then it doesn't become your thing per se. My mother-in-law has a collection of spoons which started out with every time she traveled somewhere, she bought a spoon. Soon everyone was buying her spoons of places she never went!! Whose collection is it anyway???

I started collecting pumpkins, and my mom went crazy buying them for me. No!! I ended up with grandma and grandpa pumpkins--not what I was doing really. Same with collecting sugar bowls and creamers--stopped that in the bud!

People want to please, I know. But a "collection" or quest is yours to find--where you were at the time, why you bought it, what it means for you, etc. Call it a little personal perk.


  1. I totally understand the finding of the perfect cup. When I bought new dishes this year, one of the biggest considerations was the coffee mugs! They are good, but they just don't seem to fit my hand like my favorites...

  2. Oh-I really understand what you're referring to, & I hope you, & only you, find your cup. I don't tell anyone what I'm collecting any more; it's quite a dangerous thing-people are just too nice! But anyway, I do have this one cup that I'm willing to give up. . .

  3. I know what you mean about collecting and people "contributing" to it. I loved your explanation of not telling anyone. Final sentence is perfect.

  4. Yes, this is an interesting aspect to collections - that they be personal and that I can connect a story to each item.
    As far as coffee cups go - my son is now using my favorite cups - I went and bought two more just to keep us both happy!

  5. Tam, This is so true. Collections are so personal and yet is hard to tell others what you mean unless they have done this like you said. I understand perfectly! Nice piece! Keep slicing! :)

  6. I love reading your posts--they are so well-written and you always make me chuckle.
    I too have very specific requirements for mugs and don't like to tell others. You put into words why.

  7. I am collecting salsa, Corona (light) and Mom's homemade choc chip cookies...

  8. So do you have a favorite cup or are you still looking? I love your picture & was looking at the cup to see the commonalities among them.

    I have a collection of A's & I like it when others add to it. Maybe I should start a secret collection, though, one that's a quest . . . only for me. Hmmmm.

  9. I was looking at your cups too and wondering. Were these ones others picked up for you or do each of these have a special meaning? Happy Hunting!