Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses unexpected
With baby's breath and fern
All 12 accounted for

You never know
What you do
May bring you joy

Just in the giving
                                                   Or what someone
                                                       Else may give you

                                                          A pleasant surprise
                                                        In either case
                                                        Do what you can

                                                        You never know.

                                                                         Thank you, Bob and Kiwanis


  1. How beautiful! I love surprise flowers. At work, we do secret pals in the spring, and mine got me a bouquet of those brightly-colored daisies that were just what I needed to drive out the winter gray and bring in spring's bright sun.
    Thanks for sharing this--in a poem!

  2. Yellow roses are my absolute favorite. My hubby just bought me some a couple of weeks ago. Yours are beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful bunch of roses. Yellow roses were what my father always gave my mother on their anniversary.

  4. I struggled with writing a poem tonight and had to give up and look at you! Beautiful flowers! : )

  5. This is such a great poem - and lesson. "Do what you can" - words to live by.

  6. I think you just wrote the nicest thank you, Tam. I imagine your friends appreciate it as much as you love the flowers. 'Do what you can/you never know" Exactly!

  7. Many times you just literally "never know" the good you've done, but it's nice to find out every once in a while!
    Yellow roses are my favorite. I carried a single yellow rose when I got married 40 years ago come September! Don't they just have the best smell?