Friday, March 30, 2012


Things I am grateful for just today.

I'm grateful for:

feeling part of a group.
working at our library's spring book fair.
being with people who love books.
finding 16 excellent childrens books for $8.00.
seeing the little girl hugging a book and saying, "I just love these books."
meeting a neighbor of mine I never knew before.
talking to friends I haven't seen for awhile.
listening to good music all day.
eating a homemade granola bar.
finding and reading a good book.
leaving with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation.


  1. Wow, your day was pretty grand! And I love how it included a lot of books! :)

  2. Ah-a book fair. Of course you're grateful! I like the way you made your words into a poem, that you found great books & listened to music & met someone new-just sounds like a super day.

  3. Sounds like an awesome day!

  4. I love your poem structure. Sounds like fun at the book fair! Very fulfilling.