Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nothing Special But Thankful

This was one of those fast food visits you didn't plan on but just happened.  My husband and I went about our business for the day and realized it was supper time and no one was excited about cooking, and there were no leftovers.  They were eaten at lunch.  I remember the days when I had to cook every night or no one would eat.  It was come home and slam the frying pan down on the stove in order to feed a family of five--four of which were males--food was priority.  No thinking about it, just get it done, so everyone could go on to the next step in the evening.  It's nice now in retirement not to be tied down to a schedule.

We decided to go to Lowe's to get some gardening products instead of waiting for tomorrow, and so eating out just seemed to make sense.  It was about 7:00 when we got to Wendy's. 

Parking lots all around seemed very empty.  In Wendy's, there were only two other families there eating inside.  Both families left and one single guy came in.  He left and another single guy came in.  So very empty.  Was Wednesday nights always like this?  It made me wonder about the economy.  Are less people eating out even in fast food restaurants?  Why are these other people here?  What are their stories? 

We went to Lowe's, and it was empty as far as customers.  It made me wonder again about the average state of the family.  We returned home at dark and settled in for the night.

As simple as the evening was, I was thankful that we could go out and eat out on a whim, go shopping for what we wanted for our yard and garden, and return home safely.  A lot of people out there cannot do what we did. 

It's being thankful for the little things.


  1. I think that because we have sliced all month we do tend to look now for the small things that life puts out there in front of us. Thanks for letting us share your evening and your thoughts.

  2. Love the description of meal preparation when the boys were home..."slam the frying pan down" and "just get it done". Gives a good image of family life with kids! Maybe all the families were home getting packed for Spring night...or the economy. Gas prices are terrible!

  3. I agree. I feel fortunate too. I know my youngest son recently graduated from college and has a job. He is driving about 40 min twice a day to work. The gas prices are going up and up...and he so wants to move out on his own.

    Your description of meal times when your family was growing up...reminding me of mine. Those nights were so packed.

    Thanks also for inspiring a rock story inside me. I, too, love rocks!

  4. Yes, indeed! I try to do it every day, Tam. I am glad for you too, & like your 'what if's'. And, what about the businesses too? They need to keep that food prepared, & Lowe's needs the helpful employees working. Now they need customers. Tam, you just have the most interesting slices. I like hearing your thoughts!

  5. What a nice evening! Being thankful for the little things is big! Something to always remember...

  6. Your thinking makes me wonder along with you. Thinking of the little things are great reminders to be thankful.