Sunday, March 11, 2012

Magikus and Loops and Looms!

Ever play Lego Magikus? I did this weekend with a 7 year old--my oldest grandson. This is one of the new games that require you to build the game and then play it. It has a set of rules and then suggests you can add rules or make up your own. I never thought I would get through the directions, let alone play the game through, add rules, and then make up our own rules.

We had so much fun. We found that some rules we made up made it impossible for anyone to win. Then we had to re-negotiate the rules. We laughed and laughed at our ideas and failures. I've learned he's become quite a brainstormer!!

With my 5 year old granddaughter, I helped her weave her first potholder--Loops and Looms. I didn't know if she would like to do this, let alone enjoy it. She picked up on it right away and was then using the hook to do her weaving. She wanted to finish it in one afternoon, and I told her she didn't have to. She said she never gives up! I told her it's not a matter of giving up but to enjoy doing it. She was getting tired and started making mistakes. I coaxed her this was another reason to take her time. She certainly has perseverance.

Games and crafts are a great way to learn about your grandchildren.


  1. My grandson is here this weekend; I'll ask about the lego game. I haven't heard of it, but it does sound like such fun! I still have my loom from years ago & remember making those again & again. I can't wait to teach my granddaughter! Thanks for telling the tale of the grandchildren-love it. You sound like it was great fun, and I agree that we learn a lot when we do 'things' with them.

  2. My girls would make those potholders for birthdays and Christmas presents. I still use them daily with memories of them making them! All those colors were in a certain order that they had picked out, just for me. Sounds like you had a great day with those grandkids.

  3. Tam!! I just caught up on the sliced I missed while out of town--and I can't decide which is my favorite. I love them all and am really mostly enjoying these glimpses into your writing life.
    Oh, and if you find out anything interesting from Dr. Oz on sleeping and waking and worrying, email me!

  4. My mother played games and did some crafts with us. It was the best time. Think of all the life lessons being learned. Glad you had a great time with the grandkids!