Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 Slices, 2012

Thinking over the SOLS Challenge of 2012, I feel stronger and more confident about my writing than I did a year ago when I created my blog and wrote every day during the 2011 Challenge.  At that time, I spent a lot of time revising and revising until I was frazzled at times.  This year, I seemed to just write what was on my mind.  It worked!

I worried at first about coming up with ideas, but Ruth started us off with her 31 Slicing Ideas.  I pasted that into my writers notebook and added ideas to the page. 

Before I knew it, I wasn't even looking at that page of ideas but was enveloped in other bloggers' posts and gained inspiration from them and tried new forms of writing.   This year I almost felt like we were writing letters to each other when we commented, creating that community of writers again. 

I still have some ideas that I didn't use for the Challenge, so I'm poised to continue on SOLS Tuesdays.  Hope to see many of you there. 


  1. Yeah for you Tam! I have enjoyed all your slices.

  2. This slice is not final slice, but rather an invitation to continue! I love it. I am looking forward to a future of Tuesdays to connect with you again.

  3. Tam, I would never know that you doubted yourself as a writer. Your words always were just right. Thank you for all the encouraging words you left for me. See you Tuesday!

  4. Of course we'll see each other, Tam. I hope you'll write more poetry during April. Thanks very much for all your writing & for your comments to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness each time. Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. I will be there on Tuesdays. I have enjoyed reading your posts!