Friday, March 9, 2012

Love of Writing

Isn't funny how you sit down to write, look for an idea, start with one, and then change to another?  That's how this morning has gone.  Then it came down to just writing about writing!  Could it be that I just really want to write today?   Where did that come from?  Am I forming a habit?  Is the sun shining that much brighter today?  What?  Ah, the mind of a writer!

I'm in two writing groups now, really 3 if you count SOLS.  We all know how SOLS operates--writing on one fragment /slice of our lives which is worthy of our admiration.  In March, it's a daily process that demands the daily brew of words as it really should be if you love writing. 

Another group that I'm in is called Writer's Corner, meets at the local library, assigns monthly topics, and uses the monthly meeting time to share our writing, praise, and laughter.   It's a diversified group and numbers lessen or increase meeting to meeting.  The prompt may be narrow, but you never know the twist an author will take. 

My other writing group is called BONS (Bits of Nothing or Something), rests on the love of writing and each other's lives and dreams.  Love of writing can include sharing only an idea that may evolve into something larger, or it could be a little piece that a member has conjured up on a whim, feeling it grow when other members throw out  a new slant.  Someone else may ask for an interested eye to look one more time before a professional article is sent out for publication.   Another member shares new chapters of a professional book in progress awaiting approval from a publisher.  Novel writing exists, too.  One is fully written and is being re-written because of the discussion in our small group of five.  Another novel is just taking flight, and a chapter book is for grandchildren only. 

Besides all this, sometimes stories of our real lives trickle out because of the comraderie that has formed over the carried-in soups, breads, desserts, and the love of writing. 


  1. Your Writer's Corner group is interesting, in that I like the idea of the prompt being given out, but the options that open up from it are endless.
    And the BONS groups sounds like a dynamic group. What fun that you are involved in so many writing communities!

  2. I am just starting to develop my ideas into writing through this SOLS challenge. You've excited me to think beyond for other writing possibilities! "Daily brew of words" nice.

  3. You are lucky to have so many pools of inspiration to swim in.

  4. I am happy for you. You are lucky to belong to three different writing communities, each supporting and inspiring you in different ways.