Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Quirkiness

I think I'm in a Friday kind of mood--ready for a little variety, frivolity, and quirkiness.   So, as I ended my day of shopping today, I decided to write about what was on my mind as I shopped at Kohl's.

It's that time of year again--finding that perfect summer purse.  Some poeple love to buy shoes. I like to buy purses.  Since I've always had wide feet, most shoe choices were never there for me.  I had to get what was available, but as I got older, there were more choices, but buying shoes just never was in my world.  Purses are a different story.

But first, have you seen the latest price in purses?  I have limits, and the purses I could get last year are now $20 more in price!!!  I'm going to have to really love a purse to spend more on it now.

I love certain colors in certain things.  For one example, my cars are red because I think cars should be red.  Don't ask me why I think that, I just do.  Purses should be any shade of red, bright green, yellow, or tan.  If you're going to get a black purse, it should be for evening wear only.  Every day black is boring and so is brown and blue.  White is out of the question because it gets too dirty too quickly!!  Grey is not even considered.  Quirky!!

I bought a gold purse last fall--different for me, but it was a muted gold and was a good winter color.  Oh, and most earrings should be gold tone.  When I think of jewelry, I think of the Egyptians, thus gold.  Sense?  I don't know.  It's just the quirk in me.  My release is in my quirkiness, I guess.  I'm beginning to feel the frivolity stirring in my brain creating just a chuckle. 

Back to the purse.  Let's face it.  I've been looking for purses a mighty long time, and I really know what works for me!!!  I'm really looking for a soft red or tan with some flair.  I haven't found one yet.  After I get the right color and the right flair, it will have to have one short handle--I'm short.  I should have one main compartment with side pockets--I get lost no matter what if a purse has more than one section.  The lining should be light, so it's easier to see inside my purse no matter what the lighting.  There can be side pockets outside, however.  I probably won't use them much if there are more than one side pocket--confusion!!

I've been looking for a new purse for about a month and am having no luck.  Does this mean my standards are too high?  Does it mean I'm cheap because I won't consider going up $20 from last year?  Does it mean I will have to use the yellow purse I bought last year that I had to continually clean because of its light color?  Oh, what started as quirkiness and fun is now weighing on my mind.  I think I'm back.

Enough for one Friday night of silliness, and we're half through the month of this March Madness!!


  1. I love your gold purse...and am thinking that I should make an effort to kick my plain ol' black purse under the table any time we're together. It does have tassels--does that redeem it at all? I also have a tan one. And yellow.
    I do hope that you find the right purse, and I'll keep my eyes open for you!

  2. Good luck with finding THE bag! It will probably appear when you least expect it.

  3. I understand your purse issue. I am always on the lookout for the just right purse for the next season. I get one for winter and one for spring. I have my requirements for a purse too. I can't take these purses with all the chains and metal. It's too heavy before I put anything in it. Let me know if you find one, I'm looking too.

  4. Isn't it always when you know what you want that you just can't seem to find it?? I am a fan of internet shopping for just that reason.

    I enjoyed getting inside your shopping-head. Earrings? Egyptians? Gold?? Definitely quirky, but the kind of quirky worth celebrating in a slice for sure!!

  5. This is awesome! Not only do I love Kohls, but I also adore your happy voice in this piece. I hope you find the perfect purse. Keep your standards, girl. And go for the gold! :)

  6. Perhaps you're past the quirkiness because you're past the ides of March? I drive my husband nutty choosing just the right handbag, Tam. Good luck to you. I think I just bought a great one last week. I love completely different ones than you described, they're so personal to each of us aren't they? But, I had a good one that was from REI, an outdoor store, but because I bought an IPAD I now wanted one that was slightly bigger. I found one, it has a small side inside pocket that's perfect & it's a light purple, just right for spring. Oh, I like your quirkiness & identify with it very much! Best wishes in the search!

  7. I remember your story about buying a purse last year - I remember because I ended up buying a sunflower yellow purse about the same time. So I really want to know what you end up with this year. It might foretell my future.