Monday, March 12, 2012

More Realizations

It was day two of finding out more about two of my grandchildren. Yesterday, I played games with them at home. Today I visited their schools--it was Grandparent's Day! It was our first G-Day as grandparents.

We first visited Lilly at daycare, and she came right over to us, hugged us, and grabbed our hands--so good. She is in a class of mostly boys, try 2 girls to the rest being boys. That doesn't bother her. When we got there, the class was on their way to recess in the basement since it was raining outside. Lilly did not let go of our hands. When in the playroom, Lilly grabbed a tricyle just like the rest of the boys. Eventually, she opted for the hoola hoop with her friend Addy and playing on the jungle gyms. We took pictures and had to say good-bye. So glad to see her world outside of home.

Next, we went over the elementary school. Lucas, seven, presented himself as quite the gentleman--no racing over to hug us or take our hands!! He went directly to my husband and stood close. He then showed us around his first grade classroom and pointed out who his friends were. When we went to the cafeteria, Lucas introduced us to his principal and made sure we knew where to go and what to do for lunch. After we had our picture taken by the school, Lucas said he would give us a hug here and would go back with his friends to his classroom. I think Grandparents' Day was over for Lucas. He had already missed two recesses due to our visit. So grown up already.

To finish the day, we drove to where my son Tim worked and talked with him awhile and told him about the day at school with his two children. As Tim walked away from our truck, crossed the street, and walked toward his building, I remembered Tim as the small child he use to be and how he has grown to be a wonderful father.


  1. Time with family is priceless! Isn't it fun to see your children being successful parents?

  2. I found your comments about the new perspectives you encountered today most interesting: seeing your grandchildren in their worlds outside of home and seeing your son as a son and as a parent. Now that is a good Monday!

  3. Today my mom went to Grandparents Day for Sam. It is such a special treat for all involved. I like how you ended your slice, wrapping back around to Tim and remembering when he was young.

  4. Very cool how you wove together memories of Tim with new memories of Lilly and Lucas. It sounds like you had a fun day!