Friday, March 9, 2012

Come Take My Hand

I am attempting "An Invitation Poem" that was encouraged by Julie and inspired by Robert Frost and his poem "The Pasture."

Seeing the warming sun, I take its lead
And gather my gloves, trowel, and seed.
Leaves brushed aside
Revealing tiny, green life
For all to see--Come take my hand.

Smelling the warm earth, I find an empty place
To loosen and forage a small space
A seed to plant with all its might
Will grow, bringing more green life
To fill my gardens--Come take my hand.

Feeling the warm wind, I breathe in deeply
To fill my lungs with fresh air completely.
No breath can be this sweet
Unless it comes in early spring,
With all its newness--Come take my hand.

Hearing the cardinal's call, I look up into the sky
To see more birds fly at will way up high.
The rustle of new born leaves
Leaves me breathless as I look
And see all the greeness--Come take my hand.


  1. "Come take my hand." This works so well for me. I enjoyed reading the whole piece and then I went back through and read the last line of each stanza. I enjoyed reading it this way also. I admire anyone that enjoys the land and loves making it beautiful.

  2. You nailed it, writing girl. I've already taken a few look-see walks around my flower garden to see if there is any green popping up...daffodils are breaking ground.

  3. This is simply beautiful Tam. I remember another poem by you that I copied & shared & now here's another. I love the repetition of that title line "come take my hand" and "Feeling the warm wind, I breathe in deeply/To fill my lungs with fresh air completely." has such a good rhythm and feel about it. Thank you for your yearning for spring (and for telling how you came to such a poem-interesting)

  4. Thank you for the invitation and beautiful words.

  5. Glad you told me you wrote this poem so I could go back and look for it. How beautiful. I just love the flow of the words and the repetition. This is a poem format I could use over and over. Thanks for sharing.